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Chapter 29

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3 weeks later ...

We came back home from a beautiful vacation in Miami. We had a blast. When we came home it was empty like usual. I cut my phone off the whole time I was down there so that I can't get no distractions. We I cut it back on I had calls, text message all from Jerome. So I went on the porch to call him back to see why in the hell he been call & texting like this.

"Hello "

"Why have you been blowing my phone up like this "

"Your sister was looking for you "

"Why is you lying Tiffany know actually where I was"

"She told me she did "

"Uhmmm... what's the real reason for you to be blowing my phone up like this "

"The real reason I've been blowing your phone up is because I miss you like crazy, and because I'm moving up to N.C. will my mother "

"Ohk I hope you really find yourself someone to love, and I hope you live a wonderful life "

That was the last thing is said to Jerome before I hung up the phone. I moved on from him, and I'm glad I did because he wasn't doing nothing, but holding me back from what I really need, and that's Jay.

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