Chapter 13

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3 weeks later ...

It was still running around in my brain like who the hell told Lamar this shit. The only person that was there that night was Jamal. I was texting Jamal to see if he told anybody.

"Did you tell anybody what happened that night "
"No I didn't "
"How the hell Lamar know "
"Idk I didn't still nobody I promise "

I believed him so he's telling the truth. I get a phone call so I answered it, it was the jail house. Jerome was calling me so I answered it.

"Hello "

"So you cheating on me "

"What ate you talking about "

"Bitch don't act stupid like you don't know "

"First off you ain't gone call me no bitch and your tone when you talking to me "

"I'm gone handle this when I get home "

"Whatever "

Damn!!!! He mad ass fuck. I got to think of a plan quick,fast, and a hurry. When I find out they gone die.

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