Chapter 12

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I woke up from my beautiful sleep. Made me some breakfast, did all my hygenies & got dreessed. I walked out the house with my white emonji shirt, hot pink skinny jeans, and all white forces. I walked across the street to go to Shontelle house so we can chill and smoke. As I was walking over Jamal stopped me, and said "last night was what he needed." I laughed and continued to walk to Shontelle house. "Girl I need to tell you "

"tell me what "

"What happened last night after I left your house "

"What happened "

I told her... she was shocked as usual. So after I told her we went to go smoke. We just chilled and talked about nigga. I see Jerome best friend Lamar, and Lamar asked me if I was "going crazy in the head."

"What are you talking about "

"So you out here fucking with other nigga while my big homie on lock down "

"No!!! Are you going crazy & who the hell you think you talking to like that "

"You because word on the street you fuck Jamal last night"

"No I didn't...where did you get this info from "

"Don't worry about it... I just know "

Now I have to find out who the hell told Lamar this shit before he get home, and go on a ram page.

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