Chapter 20

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After last night with Jerome I had a lot on my mind. After what I did to his baby mother I'm thinking about knocking off some more people. Me & Tiffany went over to Shontelle house, and I brought up the idea that was running through my mind. I started to tell them, but then I was like nevermind so I let it go. I get a text from my god daddy telling me to come over he has a surprise for me. After I left Shontelle & Tiffany I went over to my daddy house to see what the surprise was. I came in the house he was in his office I came in & asked him

"what is the surprise "

"Well baby girl I'm getting older, and my cancer is getting stronger"

My daddy is Kevin the kingpin of the drug world. I'm his only child, I'm his Princess, I've been running this business since I was 10. That's where I get my name Princess from. Well I know I was gone become queen pin one day, but not this early. I love my daddy to death his my King. He was the only one that took care of me when my REAL dad left me before I was born. I know this cancer is kicking his butt, but we get throw it step by step.

"Yes sir I know it is, but we gone make it throw this I promise "

"Well if we don't I want to hand my empire over to you. You are the only one I believe is ready to take over "

"Daddy are you sure "

"Yes baby girl I dead serious "

"Ok I guess I'm queen pin "

I left the house feel so many emotions. I went home to a empty house again, then I get a call from Tiffany saying "I'm downtown are you coming "

"Yea I'm on my way "

I get down there, and she down there with her boyfriend, and his brother.

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