Chapter 8

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I wrote a letter to Jerome that didn't make it because I sent a picture, so they sent it back. The letter said "I hope you keep you promise because I ain't got time for all the games & foolishness that you had in the pass, it's a new year,and if you want this to work you need to make some changes. It's a fine time to tell me you have a little girl, but you know how I am about kids, and you know I love them to death. We gone have to hold up on the baby making until I graduate. People been telling me you ain't no good for me,and I shouldn't be talking to you because you ain't gone do nothing, but hold me back, but in reality this is my life, and I don't give two fucks what they have to say. If I spend the rest of my life with you that my decision. Etc " I told Jerome so much in my letters like I always do. I'm a real down chic, and I'm gone always keep my man head on straight.

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