Chapter 16

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So the plan is in full attack. We in the dark behind her house. I know we was going to be there for a little while, so I brought snacks. After 20 minutes went by she pulled up to the house. She was drunk ass fuck. I came from behind the house, and asked her do she need help.

"Yes can you help me "

"Sure "

"Thank you "

I took her in, and behind us was Shontelle and Tiffany. I brought her something to drink . I poured a little bit of poison in her glass. Every thing I touch I had gloves on so my fingure prints want be on anything. I gave her the drink and she started talking. She started tell us how she set up Jerome new girlfriend, and how she wrote him and told him. They was enough information for me.

"Bitch you messed with the wrong one and you just lost your life "

I shot her right between the eyes. Kicked her ass, and left feeling like the MVP of the year.

It was on the news the next week.

You know how you have something on your mind and you can't sleep well neither one of us had that we slept peaceful every night. After the next couple of days we had forgot about it. It kinda felt good.

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