Chapter 22

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After I got home I jumped in the shower before Jerome got home from wherever he at. Every since that nigga jump he ain't been home. That's why I do the things I do because I don't know what he out there doing. He could be telling me one thing & doing another. He lie so much I hate when he do that. What's love without trust. I heard him come in the door. He came to the room, and kissed me on the cheek.

"Where you been "

"With Lamar "

"Uhmmm "

"Man Princess don't start that shit "

"Started what "

"Assuming I was out cheating on you"

"I don't have to assume the prove is all over your neck "

"What's all over my neck "

"Red lipstick,.Jerome I'm not dumb I know you be out doing your little one two "

"Man you trippn "

"Whateva idk why I even stay with your ass "

"Because I love you "

"Love don't lice here anymore "

"Man I don't have to deal with this "

"You know you can go back were you came from "

"I might just do that "

"Just do it pack your shit, and get out "

I just out tired of all his lying, cheating, and disrespectful ass. I'm done with him.

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