Chapter 18

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We came home, and everybody was there waiting on us. Everybody was Happy to see him. He was happy to be home with his friends and wifey. We smoked, dranked, and ate. After the party was over everybody helped clean up, and went home. I had all his clothes from his baby mother house and some I brought. He went to go get in the shower, and get ready for bed. I went in after him. I came & got in the bed with him & he wanted to talk. "Thank you bae for coming to get me "

"No problem... why wouldn't I come get you "

"Idk I thought you were still pissed at me "

"Naw bae we good "

"That's fucked up what happened to my baby mother "

"Yea it was terrible, I'm sorry for your lost "

"Well whoever did it I want to thank them "
"Huh???? "
"Yea she deserved everything that came her way "
"What do you mean by that "
"She made my life a living hell "
"Ohk, well can we get off this topic. I'm just glad your home "
"Me 2"

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