Chapter 14

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These months going by fast as fuck. He'll be home next month and I still haven't found out who told. Me, shiontelle, and tiffany walked to the party. I'm so happy my little sister home, she been with her boo before he went off to his program. So when she got back I told her everything.

"My daddy gone kill Jamal "

"I know I been trying to find out who the hell told "

"Damn you fucked "

"I know "

We smoked at the park. I got a phone call from Lamar, and he told me who told Jerome the lie.

"Who told him that muthafuckn lie "

"His babymother "

"Lorie "

"Yea ha "

"I'm gone kill that bitch "

"Yea you need to because that's fucked up of her to go lie to him about that shit, she know how he is about you "

"Tru I'm gone have a little chat with her "

"Ight I didn't tell you this "

"I know "

So I told Shontelle and Tiffany what happened. They were in shock. So it's going down to night. We all agreed.

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