Chapter 30

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This has really been a long road for me. I have been throw ups and downs with Jerome. I killed his baby mother. I'm the new queenpin in town, even tho my daddy is still here in spirit. He passed 2 days before his Birthday I'm really miss him. Me and Jerome are down completely. Me and Jay have been going strong for 3 years now. We are getting married in the summer time.  I had my first child it's a boy. Me, Tiffany, and Shontelle are still friends & still be kickn it ever weekend. We always talking about the old days when we were young & dumb.  Now we done grow into beautiful, intelligent lady's. I think God put me throw all this for a reason, and I want to thank him for it. A letter to a thug ain't no joke because you'll never know what you will be receiving. I'm living life to the fullest & I'm loving it.

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