Chapter 25

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After I got done cooking, we ate, watched tv, smoked, took a shower, and went to bed. As I was trying to sleep Jerome keep popping up in my dreams. I woke up got out the bed, and went in the living room. I was sitting, listening to music trying to clear my thoughts, and get him off my mind. How can you forget your first love like that. Even tho he broke you heart, cheated, lied, and after going throw all that you still love him. It's so hard getting over him. I've been throw everything with this nigga, and the shit he put me throw I just couldn't deal with it anymore. So many memory was running throw my head. The ups and downs are worth it when you really love somebody, but I'm with Jay know, and he treats me like the queen I am. I'm just so confused. I'm in love with Jerome, but I love Jay. Shit I'm fucked up about both of them. I can't have my cake & it it to. It's like I can give you 25 reasons why I'm so in love with Jay. He been there when nobody else was. I made up my mind I'm staying with Jay, and I promise not to cheat, and always keep it 1,000 with him.

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