Chapter 26

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I woke up, turned over to kiss Jay, but he was gone. He left a note "Good morning beautiful I went out to go get something to cook this morning. Get up take your meds, wash your face,and brush your teeth" I smile & got up to do what he told me. I heard him come in while I was in the bathroom. I came out heading to the kitchen. He was getting everything ready so that he can cook. I came up behind him kissed him on his neck.

"Good morning "

"Good morning "

"Have you seen my sister "

"Yea her and Will left this morning "

"Where did they go "

"To the mall "

New and Jay always at the house alone. I kinda like it that way. He got done cooking, fixed mine & his plate, sat & ate, cleaned up, got dress, and went out. We always gone out of town some where. He usual tell me where we going, but today he said "it a surprise "

"OK surprise "

He always got some tricks up his sleeve. I love him for that because it's never a dull movement with him.

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