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2 years before

"So what are we up to tonight?" Michael began talking, kicking the soccer ball around his room as if like it's big enough to kick things around.

I turned to give him a glare, making it all seem like he doesn't know what's happening right now. "Are you serious?" I asked.

"Well, yeah?" Michael laughed. "Dude it's Friday."

"And we have some shit due on Monday morning." I spat out and turned my back on him to face our paperworks again. Why did I choose to be partners with my best friend?

"Ugh." Michael flopped down on his bed, groaning. "Don't be such a killjoy. We can do that tomorrow."

"Yeah, we can. And we have to make 10 fucking chapters, man. We're only just starting." I stated blankly, trying to sound really chill but I couldn't. I don't know but I just get too sensitive when it comes to stuff like this.

"Calum come on!" Michael started whining again.

"Mike," I turned to look at him again. "I am not going to sleep over here just because I want to party and smoke pot, okay? Can you please try to handle your needs? Fucking dammit you got a disease."

I glared at him before turning to face my laptop again. I admit I'm not much of a writer, or a reader but we're in Senior level already and I don't want to leave anything behind this time. I've got dreams, and if the only thing that can save my best friend from failing a subject is for me to deal with him every day then I guess I'm good with it. It's not easy to deal with someone like Michael but he's my friend and I don't want to go to college with him still stuck in high school and getting drunk into house parties.

"If you're not going to help me then fine." I stated, my fingers trying to type some words I have inside my head. "Just stay there and we're not going to party or what. I don't care if you're not gonna fuck anyone tonight. We'll finish this project. Together."

Michael started groaning again, his face all buried on his pillow. "Okay mum!"

And that's when he started dozing off.

"Thanks, mate." I muttered on my seat.

After a few hours of trying to apply different kinds of literary criticism in every poem I have read, I finally made it to the chapter three of my work. I played a bit of McFly on my speakers as I try to use it to block off Michael's snores away from my ears. I was all convinced that he's not going to help me and I'm all good with it, just as long as he's not doing anything other than sleeping or playing League of Legends. I've been writing for three hours nonstop, and I know I pretty much need some sleep already since it's already getting late and I'm already really tired. I stretched my arms, my hands and my back right after finishing chapter three. I turned off the light and finally decided that I should take a break from writing and try to come up with new thoughts and ideas for this project.

I took the empty bottle of water I have filled enough for me a while ago and decided to go downstairs to fill it up again. It's almost midnight, and I suppose Michael's entire family are all sound asleep by now so I have got to be a little bit careful around. I feel like I'm a part of this family but I still have that respect towards them just like what they have towards my family.

I walked silently towards the kitchen, my feet barely touching the ground. I don't know why I'm being so quiet when I can actually walk normally. I walked to side and tried to search for the light switch. When the lights went on, a girl screamed that made everything inside me feel like it exploded, making the glass in my hands fall down and break through the floor.

"Ow fuck!" I exclaimed, then quickly covered my mouth thinking that I shouted way too loud than I should. I'm starting to feel pain growing at my feet, for the pieces of the broken glass might have invaded my feet. I couldn't seem to know what I should do, but I turned to move my feet to start walking, making me fall down and just end up gaining myself another wound on my hand.

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