Track 06: Everything I Didn't Say

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Day 1: 39 days ago

Carrying the last huge box I used to keep my stuff safe and sealed, I pushed the door in front of me with the help of my arm. Finally, after saving up for my own good and needs, I have got myself an own apartment I can probably stay in. It's not much but I guess it would be considered home. It has been said that this building has been here in New York for over 70 years already, which kept some tenants away from here. Being a hoarder of old stuff things that quite hold a some history in it, I took the chance and signed papers for this flat.  Everything looked really "ancient", as I would like to call it, but it was indeed pleasant for my liking. The walls and the ceilings were vintage, and if I worked on some details for a week then I could make this apartment a lot more interesting that it has ever been. And plus, the price that was offered to me was really cheap and low. For someone like me who's living on my own, I didn't have a choice. Maybe one day, when I get promoted on my job, I could really get myself a real house. I just got to have to work with an extra effort on things and should stop being lazy.

I placed the last box I was carrying and made sure that my front door was locked. I began unpacking, taking off all the safety packaging tapes that were on the boxes. Inside the box are my stuff that I always take good care of: the albums of my favorite band, letters and photos that I've had for years and more stiff that hold too much memories that were very hard to let go of. While I was ripping one of the boxes off open, a sudden knock came into my door. Confusion and curiosity flooded inside my head. Though it may sound a little too exaggerated, I still asked myself.

"Who would visit a new girl?"

I took one of my towels and wiped off the dust that were on my hands and made my way towards the front door. I sighed about the fact that it doesn't have one if those cute peep holes, so I started having second thoughts about opening it or not. It took me half a minute to decide if I should open it or not. I mean, I don't really expect anyone to visit me, but what if this is about something important? I took a deep breath and put up a smile on my face. Maybe I should stop being cynical.

The moment I opened my door, a guy who looked just around the same age as me, stood there carrying a box that I recognized was mine. I mentally knocked my head off for forgetting it outside. It was small but it's actually one of the boxes where my important stuff are kept.

"Hello," He greeted with a smile. I smiled, too. "I was just wondering if this is yours? And I suppose it is because you just moved in here, correct?"

"Uhm, yeah." I stated with a laugh, taking the box from his cold hands. "Sorry for the uhm- the inconvenience."

"It's alright," He smiled at me again, tucking both of his hands inside that pocket of his jeans. "I actually work around here too. I help the new movers with their luggage and suitcases and more. So it's alright."

I gasped lightly, thanking the heavens that I got some dollars kept inside my pockets. I took out $10 and reached it out to him, but he refused to take it from me and just smiled.

"I really don't mind at all, miss." The boy with the black hair stated. "I'm sure it's alright."

"You sure?" I asked, giving him a smile too. I don't know what I'm doing but I wanted to slap my face for trying to look cute.

"Yes," He retorted with a light laugh as he look down the ground. "But would you mind if I ask your name, though?"

I felt my body tense up, my heart racing. "Oh uhm," I reached out a hand, having his cold ones shaking mine. "I'm Roxanne. Just call me Rox."

"I'm Calum," He said, his cold hands still on my warm dirty one. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Roxanne."

We stayed there at my door for a while, doing nothing. I really want to invite him inside for a coffee or a tea maybe but he looked busy with all the "helping the new movers" stuff and I 've got some plans for the day too. And plus, we just met. I can't let someone in my apartment that I apparently just met. Although Calum seems really nice and one of those gentlemen, maybe next time would be the right time to get on with that idea.

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