Track 02: Don't Stop

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Calum and I made our way out of the school the moment that the bell started ringing. Out of this hell, I shouted inside my head. Don't get me wrong, I love to learn. I love Science and Math and everything about learning, aside from the fact that this building where I'm actually supposed to learn and have fun is also considered as my own personal kind of hell, for being that top favorite of the people who can't possibly live their lives without pulling a prank on some loser like me. Calum's kind of a victim too but he's always picking a fight about it, meaning he couldn't handle his chill and he's just that war freak and a sensitive young boy ever since we were kids. He always say that he's cool and he shouldn't be treated like the way we are being treated, so he's always putting up a fight about it. Well, me? I honestly don't care.

I'm a geek. I hate to say that because that's not really very cool at all, but that's the truth. A kind of truth that at home, my parents especially my mum loves about me, but at school, no one can even stand being with me even just for about five seconds aside from Calum and only him. I wear glasses, because contact lenses are annoying and always hurting my eyes. I always carry books with me, basically because I love to read and I apparently need them to learn unlike some other kids around who carries stuff that aren't even useful for classes. I enjoy being a geek, being me. I mean, I get good grades, I can catch up that fast in every lesson and I can always pick up whatever was being said to me. But sometimes, I wish I could change somehow, you know. Whenever I see her, I wish I can somehow stop looking like a stupid geek that everyone hates being around so I could go and just say "hi" to her. I'm not like those jocks who wear varsity jackets with shiny blonde hair and the blue eyes with a smile that every girl would fall for. I'm only that geek, that nerd who has a chocolate brown messy hair that doesn't fall into place, with a pair of brown fucked up eyes and shitty crooked smile. Did I say fuck? Excuse me, I'm sorry about that word.

Unlike me, Calum's a basic example of a try hard asshole. We've been best friends since we got into school, and we've never been separated since. We're actually more like brothers, to be honest. We used to be so much alike before, but I guess things change too and we all grow up and find new interests in life. Calum got tired of being a prey of Luke and Michael, the most popular guys in school who are undeniably dumb but every girl wants to get on with them. Calum envies them so much that he wanted to be like them, but at least he's not forgetting about me. That's what I like about him. He's an asshole but at least he still cares about his geeky best friend. I honestly thought he would completely kick me out his life the day his father got him a car. It's one of his lifetime dream so he can ask his all time crush with that weird pink color on her hair tips out a date. I don't quite understand his type.

"Hop on, princess!"

Calum shouted, taking me back to my senses. I've been standing and staring at the gates as I wait for my ride, casually setting my eyes on nothing and no one but her. God dammit. Why is she so beautiful? She's so perfect, like times like holidays that I always want because it's so peaceful and cheerful and full of presents that I just can't stop myself smiling about it. Oh god, I'm whipped.

"Ashton, come on!" Calum shouted again, making me walk my way to his car but not taking my eyes away from her. I may really sound like a freaking creeper but man, I wouldn't mind looking at her all day.

I sat down on the passenger seat, the feeling of disappointment flowing through my body. I don't get too much time to be able to look at her without having anyone stopping me, and just when I thought I already have the chance, my best friend decided to be the asshole like he always was. He started driving, making our way out and away from school. When we slowly passed in front of them, I pushed my glasses closer to my face and met her gaze, her dark brown eyes all focused on mine too. If I have it my way, I would stop the car. I may be blushing right now and I know it's embarrassing, but I don't care.

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