5SOS ❅ imagines by -5secondsofdolans
5SOS ❅ imaginesby ❥ ĸaren
imagines on these 4 talented, hot boys that i love so much. ❤ ashton, luke, michael or calum. x reader all gifs used are from tumblr. all imagines written by ME and ONLY...
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C.A.L.M.- czyli zachowaj spokój, i poznaj 5sosfam by TheSocietyTried
C.A.L.M.- czyli zachowaj spokój, Kermit
Sytuacje, które zna każdy członek 5sosfamily. No może nie sytuacje, ale wszystko co związane z 5SOS. Tak dla ścisłości. Raczej powstało to w celach humorystycznych, i n...
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deadly paradise // cashton by pelmao
deadly paradise // cashtonby pel
Truth always hurts my heart. Oh, life's the biggest hurt of our life. Life has already burnt our life. He was made up with mistakes. I didn't wanted to know his death. I...
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5SOS Imagines by cheesetoastie96
5SOS Imaginesby Georgie ⭐️
//READ AT YOUR OWN RISK// short imagines about my 5sos boys, mostly gonna be boyxreader :)) I wrote these all myself so they might not be that good. If you want to use t...
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