Track 03: Good Girls

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I bit my lower lip harder than I could ever manage as I write all the numbers and solutions to complete my answer on the chalk board. I didn't have to think that long, of course I don't even have to. I have been a fan of Mathematics ever since I was welcomed into the world of numbers. My mum is a teacher, so that makes a lot more sense. When I was young, I kind of spend a lot more time solving mathematical problems rather than staying outside and play with kids. I didn't hate it though. My friends call me weird for saying that Math is fun, but I honestly don't mind at all. I'm not ashamed of it, to be honest. I think it's pretty cool when a guy is good at Math. But it sucks when you write too slow when the very least thing you'd ever want to happen is to lose from an opponent that you have always wanted to defeat.

I kept my focus on the board and on the piece of paper I'm holding, not even minding my group mates shouting and asking me to move faster than I'm actually doing right now. The sound effect of a clock ticking is making things a lot difficult from me, because I never thought that pressure can get into me that fast. Today is our Mathletes, a competition where Math geeks from school are being grouped into a team to compete, and a competition wherein I always enjoy joining. And for the past three years of me being a constant contender, I have never lost the competition.

"Times up!" One of the hosts said out loud, as I smile while looking at my answers. I quickly ran to push the bell that I'm supposed to hit, and the moment we all heard the ding, my group mates and I began cheering because we knew we already got it. Hemmings never loses.

I went back to my spot, being as sure as hell that in about a few seconds we will be considered as defending champions again. We are fighting against a team that have been trying to defeat us ever since, but they can never seem to have all the lucks to take the title away from us. They keep changing their line up, but my team and I doesn't worry at all about it because we know we always got it.

One of our Math professors went to check my answers and the other team's answer, with a serious look plastered on his face. From the board, I turned my eyes to look at my opponent whose eyes are as sure as mine. She gave me some kind of a look that they will win this time, and I gave her back the look as I assured her that it's not going to happen. I don't know why does she always gets into my nerves, especially when it comes to Math. I never wanted anyone to be ahead of me when it comes to Math. And ever since she came into the picture, the competition seem to be happening almost everyday inside our classroom.

But to be honest, although quite most of the time I hate admitting it to myself, I have always had a crush on Elle. She's just that girl who's really dedicated and all when it comes to self improvement. I have never seen her do things that could ruin her reputation, probably because she's not really interested in doing any of them. Unlike me, well of course I love school too. But I know how to have fun at times, and that's what probably I can't see in her life story. It's all just books and cleverness for her, and I suppose that's what she'll say when people starts asking her what "fun" is. I don't know why I have a crush on her though. It's kind of a bit of love-hate crush, I don't know. No one knows about it anyway.

Our professor slowly faced us, and for the first time in the history I felt fear growing inside my body. We all stood up, and I can still feel Elle's eyes on me. I kept my eyes on the board, but I don't want to look at my answer anymore. It just hit me that I think I forgot to write something, but I'm not sure. I shook my head lightly, my eyes closed. These thoughts are stupid and I shouldn't fear, for I am Luke Hemmings and I'm never wrong. She's probably just trying to distract me.

"We've got a new champion team this year for getting the corre-"

And that's when words and voices stopped processing inside my head. Oh fuck, this isn't happening.

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