Track 10: Heartbreak Girl

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"I waited like what, 3 hours in there? No, 4 fucking hours actually. I waited there for 4 hours just so I could watch his football game like what I promised and then after that he'll make it look like I'm not even there?" She rambled through her words, almost panting as she exclaims, holding a bottle of beer on her hands. "He enjoys a lot making fun of me, and I enjoy how he makes me look stupid like why the hell won't I wake up from reality?"

Her lips touched the mouth of her own bottle of beer and chugged it down again, making it her 4th bottle of the night. I don't really know why she suddenly wanted to do this, but being the best friend I am, I just went with it. I guess I know why and what happened, because there's really not a day that she doesn't speak or rant about it, about him. It kills me how I can't do anything about it, even though I know I can work on something. But what can I do? I'm such a sucker for every little thing she does, that it comes off that I always have to say things that I don't want to. Like, she'll be okay, just hang on, and what's even worse, is that he will like him too. I hate seeing her down, or damned, or fooled, or even hurt. She's been my best friend ever since. And I suppose she means a lot more than that to me.

I emptied my first bottle, and probably my last one because she drank all of my dad's stock on our fridge and we can't go out and buy some more because we're both still underage. And plus, I don't want to get drunk like what she wanted to, because I know she'll pass out and if I did the same thing, something stupid might happen.

"Maybe," I started talking. "Maybe he was just you know, all caught up with his stupid group of people that praises him so much. Maybe he didn't see you there. Maybe he'll look for you tomorrow and make it up to you."

She gave me a death glare that made me laugh, and surprised me by hitting me on my arm. I laughed even more. "What did I do?" I asked, chuckling.

"Stop getting my hopes up again, you prick." She spat out, and for some reasons it made me smile because for first time ever, she didn't agree with all the stupid things I say about Jack, her all time stupid crush.

"Of course he's all caught up!" She began exclaiming again, resting her head on the edge of my bed. "Sophie was there, of course her huge pair of boobs will get his entire attention. Oh yeah by the way, he glanced at me like thrice so I guess I'm sure as hell he didn't see me. What a fucking prick."

We remained silent for a couple of minutes after she let out almost all of the swear words she could say about him. I looked at her slowly as I rest my head at my bed too, being not so far away from where she is. Her eyes are all focused on the ceiling of my room, probably thinking about nothing, or maybe about everything. I kept my mouth shut, my head shouting with thoughts. I want to hug her and give her all the comfort I could give, but I just feel like it's not the right thing to do, so I kept everything inside me.

"Cal," She started talking again. This time, a little silent and her voice quite trembling. "Tell me, am I ugly?"

I don't know why, but I started chuckling that made her sad face turn into a devilish one. She pushed me lightly again, then let out a laugh. "Does that mean a yes?" She asked.

"No," I replied immediately.

"Andrea," I paused, then sat up straight from where we're both sprawled out. "You're not ugly. Guys like Jack just don't get too see real pretty girls like you because they're too busy being blinded with their own damn ego. Guys like him just don't appreciate real beautiful things because they think they're that beautiful thing. He's not that kind of person who sees the things like I do."

I slowly looked away, feeling like I've said the wrong thing. My heart started beating fast, but I tried to keep my calm. This is why I don't want to get intoxicated with her. I know I'll say things that I should never tell her. Although I want to say it, I know I should never say it.

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