Track 12: Amnesia

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"Hello." I said quite immediately the moment I got up on where we usually spend our spare times together. I quickly paced towards where he was sitting and sat down in front of him, not being entirely sure if the view from our spot is what actually fascinates or it's just simply him.

The moment Calum had phoned me just a few minutes ago, I knew by then, by the way he sounded through the line, something is probably going on, or maybe already happened. I studied his features as he looks down, watching everything down our little world pass by. The sunset is lighting up his precious brown eyes, which I believe are the most beautiful pair of eyes I've ever seen in my entire existence. I looked at him and tried to focus on his face. After a few seconds, he let out a shaky sigh that made me realize something that I never ever want to happen to him: he is sad, again.

I bit the insides of my lower lip, having a little battle inside my head about asking him what's wrong, or what is going on, but I'm afraid that he might start crying again and that's something that I don't ever want to see anymore. I tried my best to keep the smile present on my face ever since I got up here with him, and I'm a hundred percent glad than I could ever be that there are no other people around here aside from us. That's probably a very good thing, I suppose.

"Are you alright?" I asked, somehow still trying to process inside my head if asking things like this is completely okay.

Calum slowly turned his gaze to me, making my heart shatter into pieces as the sight of him started crying welcomed me. I gasped lightly, moving slowly towards him to envelope him into a tight, caring hug like I always love to do just to make sure he would feel loved and cared.

He responded immediately and wrapped his shaking arms around my body, and buried his face on my neck as he kept letting out light sobs. I wasn't able to take control of my system, that I started crying in unison with my best friend, with the person I hated seeing crying the most, and the person I have loved ever since I laid my eyes on him.

"I'm so tired of being here." He started muttering, his voice being muffled by my sweater. "I can't do anything to defend myself. I feel so weak and- and I'm so confused."

I hugged him tighter, squeezing his arms as a sign of care but he winced in pain that made my eyebrows knit into confusion while I slowly pull away from his hug.

I stood in front of him as he sat down on one of the chairs we had put up in here, looking down at nothing in particular on the ground. He kept sobbing as I try to slowly touch him, asking permission if I could lift up his sleeves and see what's in there that has been making him look so much like a weaker person than he ever was.

For a moment there, I began wishing that I shouldn't have checked it, or even tried to see it. Calum's arms are both filled with black and blue bruises, and I'm sure who was cruel enough to do these things to such a beautiful and a nice person like him.

He quickly pulled his sleeves back down, his sobs getting hard again as I keep crying on my own, with both of my hands covering my mouth, still in shock of what I just saw.

I have always tried helping him through this. I keep telling him that we should tell the police, or just someone who would have the heart to care and help him, but he always refuses to ask for any help from anyone. Calum is being violently abused by his grandparents that served as his parents since he moved in here when we were 4, and I really never thought that things would get to this because I grew up seeing those lovely old couple loving him with all of their hearts when he was still a kid and they never let him feel that he's parent-less. I grew up with Calum, with him basically being with me all the time ever since we were kids. I know almost everything, but I don't understand how his grandparents, the people he said that he's actually thankful for, could do such cruel things like this to him.

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