Track 16: Waste The Night

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All I want is a beer. An icy, cold beer resting in the palm of my hands that I could chug down any moment by now. I'm not some kind of an alcoholic, if that's what some people are probably thinking of me by now. Making music isn't as easy as some people thought it would be. Sure thing, it's fun. But the stress always gets in the way. Sometimes you write a song, but it won't always going to be the one you expected it would be. I'm trying to write happy songs as much as I could, but there's just always something that kicks off the good vibe in my mind. Anyway, I don't wanna talk about it. As I've said, I just want a beer. I need to stop being a dramatic teenage girl.

"What time is it?" Ashton asked, finally taking off his eyes from the lyrics we've been working on for the entire day. "I'm kinda tired."

"I'm glad to hear you say that." I replied with a light laugh, resting my tired body down the couch. "Dude we've been working our asses since this morning, come on let's just— let's take a break, it's Friday night I wanna do something else."

Ashton scribbled another something on the paper he's holding—probably a lyric—then put back inside a folder to keep it somewhere.

"I'm gonna head back home." He stood up, stretching his arms. For a moment there I thanked anyone I could for this moment. It's almost nine in the evening, and as I've said, I just want a beer.

"Yeah, okay." I replied, getting myself ready to head out too. "I'm gonna go out, might grab some couple o' beers. You sure you don't wanna come?"

"I'm fucking tired." He said as we both head off of our studio. It was obvious, though. He looked like he needs a year to get back onto some sleep. He looked a bit weary, I'm just not sure if it's about the entire songwriting thing or some other shit. Well, maybe. I don't really know.

For now I just wanna focus on my own "some other shit", if that's what I would want to call it.


We all know for a reason that Friday night is known to be one of those nights that you should get "some" or just spend the entire night getting wasted. I didn't want to spend mine that way even before, but for now I kind of just wanna go away with it and let things flow. I would most likely stay inside my mancave by now but I feel like I'm in a deep need of a getaway or something. I could just play video games and be alone, but no, I didn't want that. I don't want to waste another night that way.

I just need to feel a familiar thing, I guess.

After a few minutes of driving around the city, I parked my car outside the usual club I always go and spend some of my nights into. I've been driving around Sydney to look for a new one and I've seen some new, but I guess you just couldn't really seem to settle with something new and just stick with what shit you've been used to. I took off my car keys and shrugged, letting out a laugh as I get into the realization that I keep on talking like someone I know. Well, someone I used to know.

It was almost ten o'clock when I made it there. I squeezed myself into the mini crowd that had formed when I wasn't here yet, trying my best to get closer to the bar and just get myself a cold beer. Smells like teen spirit, I whispered to myself. Everyone around me are either grinding to each other or making out, I don't know. I kept staring as I wait for my beer, a pang of jealousy crawling beneath my veins. Fuck this, I told myself. I turned my back and just focus on whatever I could shift my attention into. When my bottles of beer arrived, I didn't have any hesitation so I just chugged it down slowly then one by one. It burned down my throat at first, but as I let myself let loose, I didn't even mind the burning sensation at all. I felt at ease.

"Have you— have you ever heard of "I can pay for my own drink?" Because guess what coolio, I can do that. So off you go." A girl, as I could notice from her voice, slurred.

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