Track 09: Long Way Home

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"Is she gonna be there any time soon?" Luke asked from the phone as my eyes look around. I laughed lightly at how he sounded, because ever since then he was always like that when it comes to her.

"Yeah I think she'll be down in a bit." I assured.

"Just call or text me when you guys are together already, okay?"

"Yeah, okay."

I hung up and put back my phone inside my pockets. I hate the fact that I will be driving my way here and down to Melbourne yet I forgot to charge it. I woke up late, or maybe I'm just really that excited to come and pick her up. I haven't seen her for years that felt like ages, and I can only catch up and hear about her through her social network accounts and through his brother. We haven't really had a good talk ever since she left. It was a sad time but I guess I just had to forget about it. It's been 7 years. I guess everything has changed.

After another round of 30 minutes of waiting, the plane from LA had finally landed and in a bit, I know I'm going to see her again. Was she even informed that I am going to be the one to pick her up here and drive all the way to Melbourne? What if she's not ready to see me again? What if she's with someone, or what if she asked someone to come and pick her up? I can feel my lips start to shake as each second pass by. I feel like I'm bot ready to see her yet, after all this time. For fuck's sake, it's been seven years. On the brighter note, it's been such a long time since so I suppose everything is good between us already. But on the bad one, it's been so long and I think she had forgotten about me and probably wished to never see me again. She was the one who left, I thought to myself. But it wouldn't happen if I tried stopping her, right? I hate my mind for jumping into thoughts like this. I'm just here to do her brother a favor and just that. Nothing is going to be talked or settled about. It's been 7 years, I reminded myself again. Nothing is going to happen. Nothing is going to come back.

But she is coming back. After 7 years, she is coming back home.

I stood straight just right at where I should be seen, trying to look busy and occupied with my own little world. I took a little glance on the passengers, and I felt myself gasp lightly. Long dark brown hair with bleached tips, and that's just how I knew it's her. I couldn't look straight, that I feel like I have to glue my eyes on the floor and just watch my feet move. But then it hit me, how will she even see me if I don't make it obvious that I'm here? She might not have any idea that I'm the one who's here to pick her up. So, I took the deepest breath I could ever take, then put up a nice smile on my face before looking up. Right after turning my head up, she was already walking towards me, a huge smile plastered on her face.

I walked my way towards her, feeling my hands getting colder for every step I take. She changed so much, I can pretty much say. Her hair, her clothes, the way she walks, almost everything about her, actually. But the way she smiles never did change. It's still the same old beautiful one. The familiar smile I know, the familiar smile I fell in love with.

"Ash!" She said quite cheerfully. I guess she's not mad at me anymore.

"Abby." I said, thanking the heavens that I didn't stutter.

She immediately pulled me into a hug, and I was quite surprised for it because I was caught off guard, but I slowly wrapped my arms around her too. I started feeling weird things, like why is it still so familiar to my system, yet at the same time it felt a lot like new and different. I'm not quite sure. But if there's one thing I could clearly say, is that I've missed it so much. I've missed her so much.

"Your brother asked me to pick you up so uhm uh- I hope you don't mind." I started speaking again the moment we both pulled away from each other. I feel like I'm starting to be awkward, but she looks so confident and unaffected with everything that it's making me be more of myself too. I could do this. Man up, Irwin.

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