Track 14: Never Be

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Author's Note: Before anything else, I know and I'm aware that everyone would be questioning why isn't there a Track 13. Well there is. I just got stuck writing half way through it and I can't finish it yet, so I decided to write this track first and here it is. :)



The wind from outside made a silent whirling sound as it blew the curtains on the window of the room. I immediately stood up to close it, not wanting any kind of disturbance to come off and just wake him up instantly. I propped my head a little to take a look up in the sky, a little smile appearing on my lips. It's just half past midnight, and the stars up in the solemn sky looks just like how he always wanted them to be. Thinking of how many times he sneaked us out just to watch the night sky, I couldn't help but just smile on myself and relieve every good moments of the best times we have shared before. Those were the days that I couldn't stop thinking about, and I believe that no matter what happens, it will never be replaced by anything or anyone in this world for me, because it was the best thing that has ever happened to my life ever since.

He's the best thing that has ever happened to me.

After what seemed like a minute, I heard random shuffles coming from his bed that made me close the window quickly but made sure to not make any sound that would wake him up. Right after turning my head back to where he's lying, a smile again appeared on my face as the sight of him smiling right at me welcomed me. His hand slowly raised up, reaching out for mine that I willingly took and intertwined with my own. I sat down on the mini couch that has been provided beside his bed, as I lay my head beside where our connected hands are placed. After a few seconds, I felt his cold fingertips slowly raking my hair, making me turn to look up at him to give him a quick kiss on his lips.

"You can lay beside me, you know." He muttered with a little chuckle, making me do the same. "It's hard to sleep on that stupid couch."

Without any hesitations, I pushed him very lightly on the other side so I could have enough space to cuddle up with him. He opened his arms and propped my head so I could rest on his chest, while his fingers do the thing with my hair like he always do. I love it when he does that.

We remained silent for a while, both of us have our eyes closed but our minds completely awake in the middle of the night, feeling each other's presence like it's the most important thing in each of us. I took his spare hand, and quickly but slowly and full of care intertwined it again with mine. I felt him kissing my head, then after a few seconds, he decided to break the silence.

"Tell me our story." He muttered.

And by that, I smiled, as every single thing even from the very beginning started running back inside my head once again.


Everybody hates Luke Hemmings. Well technically, not everybody, I guess. Everybody loves him. Every girl has there knees down just to get his attention. Basically, the entire student body worships Luke Hemmings. But, not until he decided to do something, which I honestly don't know what, that made almost every single person in this school hate him, or stay away from him, or just live their lives pretending that he doesn't exist. He gave up his position of being the school's team captain on the boy's soccer team and gave it to his friend Calum without even having a perfect reason behind it. He said he just wanted to, because Calum deserved to be the captain, but everyone was disappointed, especially his girlfriend Hallie. He's even okay with Hallie's relationship with his friend too, Ashton, and he seemed not even bothered about it. Everyone has been avoiding him since he started acting weird, or "uncool", just like what everyone is talking about. To be honest, I can't clearly see a good reason on why everyone started hating and avoiding him. Some people say that Luke might have murdered someone, and he's just trying to act nice so he could clear his name up. Well, as a person who hear almost every stupid crap around the school, I still don't care. I mean, I barely know him. We've been going to the same school since 3rd grade, but we never even tried having any conversation that could last at least 10 seconds. He's this popular guy, and I'm this normal anti-social girl who probably have around 10-15 people who knows me. I'm very cool. In my own way, I guess.

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