Hamilton Academy: He's Always Watching

This is not just a story about a killer. It's a story about one's love, and the lengths they will go to prove it.
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The prologue is good, it gave me the creeps. It reminds me of Variant by Robison Wells, one of my favorite books ever.
This was definitely an interesting way to start. I love your story idea too, it seems so original :)
it's a good introduction, it makes the reader understand the characters the places and the relationships. I didn't get confused at all :) Good job!
I like how u did  the intro, it was... different and how u did the point of view... really enjoyed it:) kinda mysterious too! XD lovin it<3
great mystery weaved into this (I love mystery XD) seeing as my chapter Ive asked you to read is 3 pages long I'll move onward to chapter one! :D
I like how you made each point of view like a letter. So far it's very original. Great start!

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