Hamilton Academy: He's Always Watching

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Ella_Quinn204 By Ella_Quinn204 Updated 11 months ago
This is not just a story about a killer. It's a story about one's love, and the lengths they will go to prove it.
gulkoriem gulkoriem a year ago
The prologue is good, it gave me the creeps. It reminds me of Variant by Robison Wells, one of my favorite books ever.
ethanb07 ethanb07 a year ago
Intresting story! Iread a couple of lines and wanted to read more
GoldenLuc GoldenLuc a year ago
I haven't even started reading the first chapter and I'm already excited! :) 
Really great so far, it has a very interesting introduction that captures you from the first moment.
I hope the book is as good as the introduction.
sereni_tea sereni_tea 2 years ago
I like this beginning, very original way to start your story!(:
zoey5921 zoey5921 2 years ago
This was definitely an interesting way to start. I love your story idea too, it seems so original :)
crimson_red crimson_red 2 years ago
it's a good introduction, it makes the reader understand the characters the places and the relationships. I didn't get confused at all :) Good job!