Just Another Summer... Or is it?

Like every other teenager, Angelina had plans for the summer that include camps, parties, and beach days with her friends. The final day of school arrives and Angelina thinks that she is now free from all the boy drama for three months. But that was before she got home and found three hot brothers there: Andrew the player, Riley the cutie, and William the childish one. Angelina soon discovers that they are staying with her and her father for the summer. Will her summer turn out the way she wanted it to be, better, or even worse? Join Angelina as she tries to survive the summer with the Turner brothers.
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I likeRiley's name so I would keep keep just Riley not Lee. Idk Lee just doesn't sound right for his character
I have blonde hair and it gets frizzy so easily *cries* perk of being Irish      -____-
In Ireland we finish late May and go back early September it's great!! how is it only 6 weeks in the UK? I would cry haha
Hey I have cousins whose names are Tia and Mia and both are sisters too!
But not twins tho
i already have a feeling that this book is gonna be in my faves reading list haha
That concludes my earlier thought. Andrew likes Angelina!!!! Andrew likes Angelina!!!! Andrew likes Angelina!!!!

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