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Just Another Summer... Or is it?


Chapter 34



Angelina's Point of View:



Time flies when you're having fun. I was having the best summer ever but it ended way too soon. It feels like it was only yesterday when I came back from school and found the brothers here.


It felt like it was a few hours ago that I was fighting with Drew.


It felt like it was minutes ago that Drew and I got together.


And now as I looked at the calendar on my bedroom wall, I saw the number of the day I was dreading.


September 20, the day the brothers are leaving and a week before school starts again.


A knock on my door snapped me out of my thoughts.


"Come in," I said, still starring at the calendar, waiting for the date to change but it didn't happen.


A pairs of strong arms enveloped me in a hug and I immediately knew that it was Drew. I sighed as we both stared at the date.


All three brothers were sad about leaving. Lee and Liam also had their girlfriends and they didn't want to leave again. We all knew that this day was going to come but we tried to ignore it.


It's funny how Tia, Mia, and I fell for the brothers. The day I met them, I didn't think it was possible that I'll end up with Drew. Heck I thought I had a better chance of ending up with Liam.


"I don't want you to leave," I mumbled, feeling sad.


He squeezed me tighter and kissed the top of my head.


"I don't want to leave either," he murmured.


I knew he couldn't do anything about it. Today is going to be a sad day.


"Let's go," I told Drew now standing up "Lee and Liam are probably waiting for us downstairs."


We were going to the twins' house because Lee and Liam wanted to say their goodbyes.


He took my hand in his and we walked downstairs where the brothers were waiting in silence. The sight of their sad faces broke my heart!


"You guys ready?" I asked and they nodded.


Ten minutes later, we were at the twins' house. We stayed there for an hour but not many words were exchanged.


I wasn't sad about Drew only; I was going to miss Lee and Liam too. They were like my family now and when they leave, my house will be empty again.


I wouldn't hear them bickering anymore. The guest room will be empty again instead of messy.


I wouldn't be able to talk with Lee about everything we used to talk about.


I wouldn't be able to play with Liam and act like five year olds.


I wouldn't be able to wake up with Drew next to me.


All these thoughts made me feel empty and I can imagine how empty my huge house will feel without them there.


Lee and Liam kissed their girlfriends for the last time and as they walked away, I could see the tears in the twins' eyes and the painful expression on the boys' faces.


The drive back home was silent and when I looked at my watched, I noticed that I only had another thirty minutes with the brothers before they had to leave.


Back home, the brothers closed their suitcases and carried them downstairs. It was just like the first day they were here; three suitcases next to the front door and three guys next to them.


The only difference was that now they were leaving. I wished it was the first day of their arrival and not the last day for them here.


"We have to go," Lee said quietly and reluctantly.


"Thank you for everything," Lee and Liam said as they pulled me into a bone crashing hug. I didn't even try to stop the tears that were crawling down my cheeks.


"We'll wait outside," they then said as they took their suitcases and walked outside, leaving me alone with Drew.


I wrapped my arms around his torso and hugged him tightly.


"We can try long-distance relationship," he suggested and I shook my head.


"Those never work," I mumbled.


"I know," he answered quietly.


I looked up when I felt him staring at me and my heart fluttered when my eyes met his blue ones. We stared at each other for a long time before he moved closer to me and kissed me passionately.

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Emma Watsonas Angelina Smith
Logan Lermanas Andrew Turner (Drew)
Taylor Lautneras Riley Turner (Lee)
Alex Pettyferas William Turner (Liam)
Jesse McCartneyas Nathan Michaels (Nate)
Olsen Twinsas Mia and Tia

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