His Unbroken Ties| #Wattys2017 by Your_amazyn
His Unbroken Ties| #Wattys2017 by queen Spiritual
" Ammar Stop... Please" She whispered softly. Her voice thick with emotions, as she backed away. Tears blurring her vision. The tall man in front of her paced...
The Lost Valor of Love by ea_carter
The Lost Valor of Love by E A Carter Historical Fiction
❃ DOUBLE AWARD WINNER ❃ Highest #1 ❃ Urhi-Teshub touched Istara's face, tracing the contour of her cheekbone and jaw. "I would know your name, goddess, for you have...
Guardian (Sequel to Fearless) by squigmo
Guardian (Sequel to Fearless) by Haley Netherton Action
One year. It had been one year since Iris Gwenneth became the first heroine of Eldia --one year since her life took a dramatic turn for the better. And in this one year...
Save Me || Bucky Barnes by elle_ella14
Save Me || Bucky Barnes by Ella Fanfiction
Charlotte Rogers had always been close to her older brother, Steve, and his best friend, Bucky. But what will the two men do when Charlotte disappears right in front of...
Star Crossed Enemies by mortaldarkangel
Star Crossed Enemies by April Mendez Historical Fiction
*Highest Ranking: #2 in Historical Fiction!* Mark is a proud soldier. A soldier in the Nazi Army but, nevertheless, he knows he was born to fight for his country. The...
SAUCY TALES 〈Overwatch Oneshots〉 by MeiSanniang
SAUCY TALES 〈Overwatch Oneshots〉 by Mei Fanfiction
Overwatch // (Various Male Characters x Female Reader Insert) Warning: extremely graphic sexual content. For mature audiences only.
The Soldier's Affair (BWWM) by gabby645
The Soldier's Affair (BWWM) by gabriel Romance
"The course of true love never did run smooth" William Shakespeare Rebeca never knew she would fall in love with Dean, a soldier from America who came on work...
Breed Me [On Hold] by hiddenheartprincess
Breed Me [On Hold] by ♡Marissa♡ Science Fiction
[Highest Ranking: #2 in Science Fiction] [Book One of the Out Of This World Series] Scared and confused, Jasper wakes up on a red planet alone. Stranded and somehow able...
The Fence by mrmcafee
The Fence by Maddie 马康連 Science Fiction
Reached #11 in Scifi 18-year-old Kirbena Marcus' city is surrounded by an iron barb fence that keeps out the aliens that had taken over the world years earlier. Ever sin...
Princess in love by gabycabezut
Princess in love by GabyCabezut Romance
After playing a prank to her best friend's crush, Princess Marianne finds herself in deep trouble as the police tumble in on them. Literally. She's sent to Mexico for t...
Behind the Lies -The Witch Guardian Series [Completed] by sbrobinson
Behind the Lies -The Witch Guardia... by S.B. Robinson Paranormal
**Shortlist for a Wattys 2017!** "Every girl dreams of her happily ever after. The brightest spot at the end of their fairytale. What some don't tell you is the d...
Last Turn Home by MackieJay
Last Turn Home by M.J. Caroll Romance
First book in "The Ranch Hand" series. Carly Atwood always remembered the man that used to live in the loft above the barn when she was a little girl. John was...
Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes/ Plus more Imagines, One shots and Preferences by StarryMNA
Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes/ Plus... by MaryBeth Stan Fanfiction
Nothing too specific. Just random story ideas from the one and only Sebastian Stan... and of course his characters! Requests are open! Caution- umm FLUFF! Includes: Seb...
A Vampire's Marine (boyxboy) by DoUbLeZone
A Vampire's Marine (boyxboy) by DoUbLeZone Vampire
When a master class vampire decides he wants a certain marine by his side then nothing; not even that marine's own hatred of what he is will stop him from making him his...
The Captains Twins (Captain America Fanfiction) by _LittleCutie_
The Captains Twins (Captain Americ... by _LittleCutie_ Fanfiction
♥BOOK 2♥ Haunted by her cruel past, Nicole turns to the dark side again. Leaving those who loved her behind But things just got alot harder when a mysterious stranger...
TF2 Mercs x Child reader by Emilythedog661
TF2 Mercs x Child reader by Emily =3 Fanfiction
You are a 5 year old child that was hired by miss pauling to show the mercs on how to look after a child since they haven't seen one in a long time from all the fighting...
Broken Arrows ➳ BUCKY BARNES by -bernthal
Broken Arrows ➳ BUCKY BARNES by “HEDA” Fanfiction
"The scars will last forever. But nothing compares to the pain that put them there" He was ordered to kill her on sight ,but it didn't feel right. She seemed...
~*TF2 X Reader One-Shots 2*~ (Requests Open) by BloodstainedFlower
~*TF2 X Reader One-Shots 2*~ (Requ... by *~Black Roses~* Fanfiction
- Fem Reader Book Only. - Requests ARE Open. - Updated Regularly. ----- Any Art Used Belongs To Its Rightful Owner. TF2 belongs to Valve.
A Dragonborn Tale (Skyrim/LOTR/Dragon Age: Inquisition) by insaneredhead
A Dragonborn Tale (Skyrim/LOTR/Dra... by insaneredhead Fanfiction
Part One - Skyrim: Rae is a half Altmer half Bosmer elf who travelled with her family around Tamriel to sell their wares, crossing over the boarder into Skyrim they are...
A Soldier's Princess by LFairfax1
A Soldier's Princess by LFairfax1 Romance
After Princess Alana finds out the man of her dreams is really an undercover bodyguard her parents hired, she vows never to trust him again. But when a royal insider th...