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Killing Silas by TrueBeliever1608
Killing Silasby TrueBeliever
Jessica's village was attacked when she was six. Both of her parents died, leaving her alone. She was saved by the military. Since then she wanted to join the army. Afte...
Military Academy: Special Forces System by NoobGamers563
Military Academy: Special Forces S...by Noob Gamers
When Zhao Rui was reborn in a parallel universe, he was rewarded with a Special Forces System. He decided to join the military academy without any hesitation when he rea...
Bring Me Home  ✔ by ashleybreannebooks
Bring Me Home ✔by Ashley Breanne
"What are you doing?" She asked breathlessly as she placed her hands on the hard surface of his chest. "I don't want you to run this time." He res...
Into The Rift by Renegade_Russkiy
Into The Riftby Renegade_Russkiy
Jerome is at the height of his career as a United Nations Operative, his noble job has his skills placed on the line in low profile deployments all across the highly des...
Ace of Spades ✅  by Ferdeausee_
Ace of Spades ✅ by ・𝒥𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶𝒽 ℳ𝒾𝒶・
Copyright © 2023. All Rights Reserved. She exudes chaos, drawing it in like a moth to a flame. Everywhere she treads, she effortlessly leaves her mark. The mere touch o...
Buckets: A Star Wars Story by Salt-Trooper
Buckets: A Star Wars Storyby Salt Trooper
-Part I of "Heart of Empire, Heart of Rebellion" Series- TK-65780 has been an Imperial stormtrooper for so long that he's forgotten any other name he ever had...
Dorn: A Star Wars Story by Salt-Trooper
Dorn: A Star Wars Storyby Salt Trooper
-Sequel to 'Buckets: A Star Wars Story'- **New Version** TK-65780. Major. Bucket. Dorn. All names that Ithan Ruana has known in his lifetime, all that live in the back o...
Simon Ghost Riley + König Oneshots by X_Dayla_X
Simon Ghost Riley + König Oneshotsby Rotten Beauty
This is just for fun so there's no good cover and idk 😭😭😩 but I love my silly traumatized mask men 🙂
Earthrealm's Champion by Dredagoat03
Earthrealm's Championby Dredagoat03
As a kid Izuku grew up living in a sweet home, but when his parents were suddenly killed by monsters known as Tarkatans. He was left alone with nowhere else to call home...
The Dauntless (a male reader soldier x RWBY story) by RedImperium
The Dauntless (a male reader soldi...by Crimson Warlord
(Y/N) is a 17 year old military prodigy who managed to reach the rank of lieutenant with flying colours. He is also a member of one of the best fighting forces in the wo...
Parks and Smith by CvenusDLoveC
Parks and Smithby Venus_love
Is it ok to be in a relationship with two people at the same time? Zorell Wilson is a solider in the us military, she has been selected to join the special forces. She h...
Into What Is Impossible (Hiatus, Re-write In-progress) by TheCrimsonTalon
Into What Is Impossible (Hiatus, R...by NlaEid
Delta Force operator and team leader Richard 'Fly' Hoyer is assigned to area Zero- a base in a world different from our own. Third rework of into what is impossible. Fee...
Safe in the Arms of Death [Complete] by quietbynature27
Safe in the Arms of Death [Complet...by Angie
As I rest against the headboard of this lumpy bed, I can't believe how I ended up here, alone in a dark, dingy motel room. I'm supposed to be home, secure with the man w...
From Asia To Remnant by Emperor31
From Asia To Remnantby Emperor
An Philippine Scout Ranger,an Vietnamese former Dac Cong,an Thai Soldier,an Korean Marine and a JSDF Soldier end up in Remnant,the question is,can they survive the eleme...
The Pawns // SS by NATACHA-hellcat
The Pawns // SSby Dr Naz
" أنا لا أنتمي إلى الأراضي الأمريكية... أنا أنتمي إليك فقط "
A new beginning by fijirif11
A new beginningby fijirif11
Special forces member Katie Hearte grew up in care, and is now finally living with her adoptive brother Bones and his friend Charlie. They are called out to afghan. What...
G.I. Stacy by StormyTee
G.I. Stacyby StormyTee
Stacy, a red-headed interior designer from South Africa is thrown into a dangerous adventure when her soon-to-be fiancé Theo goes missing in the middle of deep dark Afri...
Shrapnel in the heart by Dillonw1993
Shrapnel in the heartby Undercover Writer
Austin is a former soldier: A former member of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, also known as the "Green Berets". Austin has been medically disc...
The ghost of death by Pyror12345
The ghost of deathby smokemarine1
Izuku "Ghost" Midoriya of the 22nd Spetsnaz division and Hisashi "Glaz" Midoriya of the 141st Spetsnaz division are names that mark the walls of his...
The Ripper of Rainbow Six (male reader) by Azpect999
The Ripper of Rainbow Six (male re...by Azpect999
Y/n "Ripper" L/n Height: 6'1 Weight: 180 Age: 35 Date of Birth: **/**/1990 Place of Birth: T/n, C/n Status: INACTIVE BIO: Y/n L/n came from a long line of mi...