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Tribute to Lewis Feuer by isabelle_bl
Tribute to Lewis Feuerby Isabelle B.L.
This is a story by New Caledonian historian Ismet Kurtovitch. A short story that takes one to New Caledonia during the Pacific War - a country which was an important U...
  • worldwar
  • lewisfeuer
  • history
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The Animal Beneath Berlin by LucineTachdjian
The Animal Beneath Berlinby Lucine Aslizadeh-Tachdjian
October, 1939 A young boy about the age of eight is hiding beneath the streets of Berlin. He has no family, at least not anymore. He is all alone in his world with a dia...
  • friendship
  • german
  • girlxboy
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Queen of Narnia (Princess of the Talmarines - Book 2) by FxndomLxfe
Queen of Narnia (Princess of the Helena
The year is 1945. It has been two years since Edmund and Lucy Pevensie left Narnia for good, leaving Caspian and his younger sister, Alice, to rule in their place. Lif...
  • secondworldwar
  • princecaspian
  • susanpevensie
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მიურატის სკოლის ჩანაწერები by Charming022
მიურატის სკოლის ჩანაწერებიby Charming022
მეორე მსოფლიო ომის კორეა ....გმირობა ,რომელმაც ისტორია შეცვალა
  • secondworldwar
  • yoongi
  • school
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The Painted Altar by bigimp
The Painted Altarby Mick Smith
##COMPLETED/FULL-LENGTH## Two interconnected murders, 64 years apart. Plot Set partly in rural England, partly on the sun-kissed coast of southerm Italy, The Painted Al...
  • historicalfiction
  • murder
  • grownupreads
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The Life Of A German Soldier by kmcclure109
The Life Of A German Soldierby K. McClure
A World War Two fiction story about Albert Schroeder, a twenty one year old German soldier of the Wehrmacht, has been sent to Western Russia to fight the Russians in the...
  • love
  • secondworldwar
  • fiction
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FIM DA LINHA by MCalgara
FIM DA LINHAby Mallerey Cálgara
In the middle of the Holocaust of people and hearts, can LOVE survive at all? My name's Sarah Wainness, but this wasn't always my name. It's just one more, among so many...
  • world
  • holocaust
  • historical
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The Ashes of Eden by BubbleGoth666
The Ashes of Edenby BubbleGoth666
"Until the ashes of Eden fall" A statement whose meaning undergoes a drastic change over the centuries Aziraphale and Crowley have known each other. The Seco...
  • crowley
  • goodomens
  • demon
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Moth. by uranvsbabe
#9 𝙡𝙞𝙡𝙖𝙘
//please, don't judge the story by this quick plot// Olivia is a simple and shy girl who lives during the Second World War. She's secretly in love with her brother, Leon...
  • fantasyfiction
  • teenagers
  • secondworldwar
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WW2 Roleplay  by The-Abyssal-Queen
WW2 Roleplay by Jason Kartopawiro
What the title says
  • rp
  • secondworldwar
  • germans
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Untouchable~Hans Landa  by hillewi_02
Untouchable~Hans Landa by Hillewi
"Zigeuner, the german word for 'gypsy' ", he began. While he observed the view from the cloudy window, covered in dust. "Did you know it literally means u...
  • christophwaltz
  • aldoraine
  • fanfiction
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WW2 Re-enactment by bluebuttercornflakes
WW2 Re-enactmentby ww2battlefieldpoetry
Here I'll talk about my current impressions and some amazing backstories to the people I'm portraying, together with some funny stories from behind the events and videos...
  • armynurse
  • re-enactor
  • reenactor
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Der Untergang/Downfall ONE-SHOTS  by QueenIcyChelsea
Der Untergang/Downfall ONE-SHOTS by IcyChelsea
How would it be like, going back in 1945, in a place where the last 10 days of Adolf Hitler being seen in the eyes of Traudl Junge? Welcome to the fanfics where most of...
  • adolfhitler
  • secondworldwar
  • wilhelm
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Between the light of the stars and this damned hell by Mindsinbloom
Between the light of the stars Mindsinbloom
Webster went back to the war in Haguenau. Liebgott can't forgive him for have left him alone during Bastogne. At the same time he needs those blue eyes on him.
  • webgott
  • war
  • bandofbrothers
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World War II Journal by LoveWoofie
World War II Journalby Woofie
This is a project that's for my Honors Social Studies class, and that's already been graded and turned in. Don't use for any other projects. This is solely my own writin...
  • unitedstates
  • journal
  • project
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Hide and Seek by AntoninoZavattero
Hide and Seekby Antonino Zavattero
Another dark twisted story, told from the perspective of a small girl in the Second World War.
  • thriller
  • twist
  • secondworldwar
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All In by shavingpayne
All Inby shavingpayne
war wôr/ noun a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state. synonyms: conflict, warfare, combat, fighting...
  • louis
  • pining
  • soldier
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One of the Few by Willsie05
One of the Fewby Willsie05
  • aircraft
  • dogfights
  • hurricane
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Burning Streak by PanzerJagerHantoeig
Burning Streakby Hantoeig
From tough days during the war to tiring ones on the front, this pilot braved through them all. Until one day, he was captured and became a prisoner of war, which effect...
  • planes
  • german
  • secondworldwar
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Beyond the Wire  by bigimp
Beyond the Wire by Mick Smith
*Completed novella* An Italian POW is forced to escape not just the barbed wire, but his own past too... Beyond the Wire is a historical novella which chronicles the war...
  • history
  • ww2fiction
  • thehistoricalaward2019
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