One Moment by cityhearts
One Moment by KATY Short Story
Because after all, one moment is all you get. [ #332 in short story - 171112 ] FEATURED by Wattpad.  cityhearts | 2017 cover art by tofuvi
Her First by XantheRowds
Her First by Xan L.K. Short Story
It was her first time she loved someone and she wanted him all for herself but little did she know the boy she loved wasn't a boy. Cover by; fifteenthofMay
Ugly by weirdlyloveshoodies
Ugly by Frances Short Story
❝Should we judge a person by his appearance?❞ A short story about a girl that gets bullied because she's ugly and because of that she thinks she is really ugly and wants...
BOYS DON'T CRY by amaradd
BOYS DON'T CRY by AMARA Teen Fiction
The tale of an unlikely, blossoming love between two parallels; one bullied and the other tired of people associating themselves with her solely because of her wealth an...
Good Morning, Good Night by officiallykat
Good Morning, Good Night by Kat ChickLit
[Highest Rank: #384 in ChickLit] Maisy Garritty wakes up one morning to the perfect text. Too bad it's from the wrong number.
The Best-Selling Book Thief by JohanValentine
The Best-Selling Book Thief by J R Valentine Short Story
Logan was as happy as can be. He got to write everyday on an amazing app called Wattpad. He had people who read his books and kept up-to-date with them. He had people he...
Texting - Tom Holland x Boy by insertsmthcoolhah
Texting - Tom Holland x Boy by am ok Fanfiction
Levi 🌿 Dalton.. I don't even know if this is still your number.. but, if this is you I just wanted to let you know that I don't think I can do this anymore. [ daily upd...
Lyra by CryMeOceania
Lyra by CRY ME A RIVER Short Story
Every thought was a battle; every breath was a war; that's how life had been for her. She drowned her self in the ocean of worries; got her heart shattered a million tim...
Queen of Chaos by JohnsonAmy1109
Queen of Chaos by Amy J Poetry
The screams, the bullets and the bombs howled all around me The sixteen year old Mexican stared at me accusing, lifeless eyes. My breaths came in short, uneven spurts. ...
Your Just A Hater by catiehope
Your Just A Hater by JustHope Short Story
Your Just A Hater | Caitlyn Hope © CopyRights ™2017 "It's not that i'm weird, your just a hater" -Holland ◎ Entry for #NoMoreBullying Contest ◎ ...
Its Unusual (Maybe not) by KiranAgprince
Its Unusual (Maybe not) by K Ag Mystery / Thriller
Unusual doesn't begin to describe it. But lifes full of it. Eden Murphy is just another girl who wants to complete her studies trying to forget sooner of her miseries. H...
Galway Girl by FLOWERNGS
Galway Girl by ˗ˏˋrach & alˎˊ˗ Teen Fiction
When she searches for love in the darkness, he is the only light she can see. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ All rights reserved © FLOWERNGS
You Aren't Alone [Take A Stand to Stop Bullying] by That_Holiday_Hound
You Aren't Alone [Take A Stand to... by Ice Cream Spiritual
Within their minds, people struggle enough with battles you can't see. But you just may that person that makes their life even more unbearable. Little do you know, you c...
There She Goes by MBFeeney
There She Goes by MBFeeney Teen Fiction
Sophie Jennison's secret is exposed and the bullies give her hell for it. As far as she's concerned, there's only one way to escape... despite how much it'll hurt those...
Broken Hope by Sara_Ahmed105
Broken Hope by 👑 Ρrιηςεss Sαrα 👑 Short Story
Amelia knew from the age of seven that she was in love with her neighbour, Luke. But now, it was as if he couldn't stand her. And everyday she'd ask herself the same que...
My story by ArtisticBunny3
My story by Kairī Ishi Random
About me and how I want others to be treated
Later Haters!  by crystallizemermaid
Later Haters! by crystallizemermaid Short Story
when Bella posted a picture of her without makeup on Instagram she got a LOT of hate from boys but when she makes a petition for girls called #Later Haters she told ever...
Between the lines #LaterHaters by selsiaoleiala
Between the lines #LaterHaters by Sel! ✒ Short Story
Just a short story to send a positive message. Read and let me know what you think. Good reading. #LaterHaters
Be the Hero by DobreBrothers
Be the Hero by DobreBrothers Random
We teamed up with AT&T and Later Haters to write an entry for the #LaterHaters Writing Contest. Check out the contest page here: Enter for a chance...
SHARE YOUR STORY by ProjectLoveIsLove12
SHARE YOUR STORY by #LoveIsLove❤🌸 Non-Fiction
A place where you can share your personal life struggles and give readers a sense of personal realism revolving around bullying,romanticized abuse,being gay,bisexual,les...