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✔️7 Deadly Sins (Part-1) by RiKaOt70608
✔️7 Deadly Sins (Part-1)by Kim Lily
we all know about the 7 deadly sins but what will happen when they come to earth to find their prey or I can say preys what you think they will do after finding their p...
✔️Secrets and Kills by RiKaOt70608
✔️Secrets and Killsby Kim Lily
"I never wanted to threat you,but you all choose to come in my way" "She is precious for us" "You're hiding something right?" "Don't l...
The fat ugly sister  by nairovy_
The fat ugly sister by nairovy_
Being the biggest girl in school is hard. Always getting bullied and hurt by others. My sister on the other hand is beautiful and skinny and everyone loves her. But she'...
Blindfolded by Mr. Jeon (Jikook) by LittleLion2
Blindfolded by Mr. Jeon (Jikook)by LittleLion2
Bullied at school and constantly shouted at at home, Jimin never felt loved, so when a shy billionaire Mr. Jeon sends out his worker to him, claiming he is the boy of hi...
Always Broken (Book 1 and 2) by HaveSomeCommonSense
Always Broken (Book 1 and 2)by China
"Stop crying," he growled, gripping my chin in his hand. When I did not stop crying, he took his teeth and bit my neck hard, making a mark on me. I whimpered a...
ABUSED... by JessicaKennon6
#6 Jessica Kennon
COMPLETED-not edited Taylor has a rough life. She once was loved by her parents. Loved dearly...until one day her older sister drowned on a vacation in Hawaii...ev...
✔️Messed Up Mind!! by RiKaOt70608
✔️Messed Up Mind!!by Kim Lily
For the whole world I am the future Mafia queen!! For my university i am just a useless nerd between rich kids!! For my future husband i am just a responsibility!! For m...
Why Didn't He Let Me Die? || COMPLETED STORY by PrettyLegiit
Why Didn't He Let Me Die? || Clau.
Arisela's life has been a never-ending rollercoaster. She is a beautiful, smart, talented girl; she had dreams that she wanted to fulfill, just like all of us do. But a...
My Bully got Me PREGNANT by NashNamibia
My Bully got Me PREGNANTby Rebbekka Simon
Grace is bullied at at school, her uncle ignore her as much as he can and now she is PREGNANT how is she going to cope.
𝐸𝓃𝒹𝓁𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒 🄱🄴🅈🄱🄻🄰🄳🄴 🄱🅄🅁🅂🅃 🅇 🄾🄲 by Wild_Kiwi101
𝐸𝓃𝒹𝓁𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒 🄱🄴🅈🄱🄻 Scarlett Toretto/Corn Bread
✓valt accidentally launched his bey too far and almost hit the new girl →she accidentally made a harem← ~~ "You're a female blader?!" "Yup! The first"...
✔️Mafia's Love   by RiKaOt70608
✔️Mafia's Love by Kim Lily
PKJ X LUCY KTH X LUNA JJK X LIANA MYG X LIA "babygirl what's the problem" "you are the problem tae" "you sure babygirl?" "yes iam s...
Secret Red by AngeliaNyo
Secret Redby AngeliaNyo
Alison moved to a new town as her father got a new job, simultaneously, she decided to hide her dark past, starting a new chapter of her complicated teenage life. She tu...
✔️7 Deadly Sins (Part-2) by RiKaOt70608
✔️7 Deadly Sins (Part-2)by Kim Lily
Power is a very good thing but what will be the situation when it will gets out of control? When the brother and sister who is ready to die for eachother becomes thirsty...
Hypothesis : Love by NocturnalReader99
Hypothesis : Loveby Tanya Leigh
After a lifetime of failing to find love, Kenadie Williams jumps at the chance to enter a social experiment that aims to find the 'perfect partner' for participants. Out...
The summer we turned thirteen (Published) by kaylamariaauthor
The summer we turned thirteen ( Kayla Maria
Harlee Ramirez and James Whitmire have been best friends since they were nine years old. Harlee is bold and outspoken while James is shy and reserved. And their differen...
nine days by dreahmr
nine daysby m.
❝ Give me nine days ❞ a boy trying to stop a girl from committing suicide by showing her how beautiful life is in nine days. + #697 ; short-story ...
Draco Malfoy's Sister by wolfie72
Draco Malfoy's Sisterby wolfie72
Ella Malfoy is the sister of the infamous Draco Lucius Malfoy. No, not adopted and no not mistreated---- respected. Read on to see her life in Hogwarts, and how she's fi...
In Love With The Bully by The_Potatoes
In Love With The Bullyby (❁´︶`❁)
A story about a girl falling in love with the guy that is bullying her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ADDITIONAL NOTES~ Odd numbers are Luna's letters to Aiden. Even...
broken n crazed - yg x bts by Lvst-Svga
broken n crazed - yg x btsby Lvst-Svga
bts X yoongi bts has been making yoongi's life a living hell for betraying them. Or everyone has a secret they they'd rather keep buried alive. [🍷] ℒ.ℬ
hello delilah by sunvlowr
hello delilahby ari
"Hayley, I've been calling you for the past fifteen minutes. Why didn't you answer?" "Because I'm not Hayley...?" "Oh." "..." &qu...