Tide by -Jewels-
Tide by Jules
Ava is a fifteen-year-old girl on holiday with her family and best friend. The day after Christmas, she and her relatives head to the beach, where a tsunami strikes and...
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  • wattys2017
  • naturaldisaster
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Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Wat... by Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
  • first
  • tlanextic
  • cooking
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Meh Artz💞 by MionTheAmazing
Meh Artz💞 by Mi-chan Akiyama
I hope you guys love my arts BBB is not mine they belong to Monsta Please don't mind my OC~ And Please don't steal my arts! they belong to me, but if you guys want to sa...
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  • traditionalarts
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Countdown: A Dinosaur Story by ElijahCole11
Countdown: A Dinosaur Story by ElijahCole11
(#FallenAngelsAwards2017) *HIGHEST RANK #120 IN ACTION!* Experience The End of the Dinosaurs like never before in this Action and Adventure Dinosaur Saga! 6 carnivorous...
  • drama
  • theendoftheworld
  • wattyawards
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Elemental Siblings: One Shots [Book 1] (Completed) by Winter_Lim
Elemental Siblings: One Shots [Boo... by winter_llw
A BoBoiBoy fan fiction. This is a collection of short stories with the elementals as siblings. The chapters will have no connection with each other unless the title says...
  • thunderstorm
  • cyclone
  • elemental
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Test Subject by AM-FL101
Test Subject by AM-FL101
Bella is a normal girl. Something happens though. She is kidnapped and brought to a laboratory to be tested on. She becomes a tests subject. Before she knows it, she is...
  • parents
  • earthquake
  • tests
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It's okay to be different (A BoBoiBoy fanfic) (COMPLETED) by gynefluid
It's okay to be different (A BoBoi... by Gynefluid
"So, would you like to be five different people?" "Yes!" They said in unison. As Ochobot tried to split BoBoiBoy with his powers, there was a bright...
  • young
  • ying
  • fanfic
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Adopted (Your Lie In April/ Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso Fanfiction) by RDCASTILLO22
Adopted (Your Lie In April/ Shigat... by AMETHYST STONE
Arima Kousei receives a letter from the government that his father recently died in an unimaginable earthquake a month after Miyazono Kaori died. This made him more tra...
  • shigatsuwakiminouso
  • death
  • trauma
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Heart Breaker by BriThePanda
Heart Breaker by BriThePanda
"Hurt people hurt people too" this quote is relevant in Gracie's life. She uses it as her life motto. After a nasty breakup, Gracie vows never to be the one wi...
  • fuckbuddies
  • maturethemes
  • love
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Dating Hollywood's Bad Boy by laurenejohnson
Dating Hollywood's Bad Boy by Lauren Elizabeth
When Jack Stone accepts a "challenge" from Kaylyn Bradford to make her fall in love with him, Kaylyn hates Jack even more. She is the one person who doesn't ad...
  • bad
  • sadness
  • song
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Aftershocks (Six-Alarm Sexy, Prequel) by KristineCayne
Aftershocks (Six-Alarm Sexy, Prequ... by Kristine Cayne
When Seattle is struck by a devastating earthquake, technical rescue firefighter Jamie Caldwell must save his estranged wife and daughter from the wreckage of a collapse...
  • suspense
  • firefighter
  • love
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Boboiboy Siblings Truth Or Dare 1 by Rra_012
Boboiboy Siblings Truth Or Dare 1 by Rra_012
Type your questions and dares to the boboiboy siblings! And they will answer! Ask anything! Warnings: Typos,Grammar fails,some sho-ai,a lose yandere, two over fabulous l...
  • cyclone
  • thunderstorm
  • game
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Earthquake - DC Legends of Tomorrow Fan Fiction by TheDarkAvenger
Earthquake - DC Legends of Tomorro... by TheDarkAvenger
This is the original story from the CW show just with my character and her storyline thrown in. I'm going to say this once, be kind, as this is my first DC Fan Fiction...
  • earthquake
  • captaincold
  • dc
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Blonde Jokes. by nataliecw
Blonde Jokes. by Natalie
Blonde Jokes :) if you think they're funny, you can tell them to your friends :)
  • phone
  • arkansas
  • coats
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The earthquake (a dramione love story) by Slitherqueen
The earthquake (a dramione love st... by Slitherqueen
Draco and hermione find the selfs trapped after an earthquake hits! Can they make it out alive?
  • dramione
  • lovestory
  • random
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Bella and the Storm by Stuffanat
Bella and the Storm by Stuffanat
Bella was a street dog after she ran away from her old, cruel, owner.She was found by the pound and then adopted by a girl name Savannah.Her new life is going well, but...
  • family
  • siberianhusky
  • adventure
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Friendship And Trust by GravityBoy357
Friendship And Trust by EARTH
This is my first fanfict and AU on Boboiboy. I call this AU, Friend AU. A chemical is spreading fast inside Boboiboy's body, can they heal him before its to late? ...
  • thorn
  • lahap
  • earthquake
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Elemental Siblings: One Shots [Book 2] by Winter_Lim
Elemental Siblings: One Shots [Boo... by winter_llw
A continuation of the first book. Just like the first one, the chapters do not have any connection with each other unless the title says so. This is dedicated to all my...
  • elemental
  • oneshot
  • siblings
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Inspirational Stories by miss_oline
Inspirational Stories by Caroline
Inspirational Stories that will teach you something. Take a look at it please ^^ p.s. I don't take the credit for all of the stories inside ^^
  • africa
  • intimacy
  • lion
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My secret (a BoBoiBoy fanfic) (COMPLETED) by gynefluid
My secret (a BoBoiBoy fanfic) (COM... by Gynefluid
Everyone expected me to be the perfect boy, a perfect hero. And that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to be the perfect boy they want. People asked me to take off my h...
  • fang
  • solar
  • ice
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