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He Reigns on the Mountain by goldie68
He Reigns on the Mountainby Anita Foster
Jess is fresh out of college and looking forward to teaching in her first classroom. Jamie is the church pastor and Jess' supervisor with a past that is haunting him. Th...
  • friendship
  • family
  • acceptance
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Best friends. Separated by fame. Reunited. What could go wrong? by BlondeBabe12399
Best friends. Separated by fame. Princess
What will happen when the famous Justin Bieber returns home to visit family and old pals, but he comes to realize that he has deeper feelings for his best friend, Sarah...
  • terrified
  • conan
  • shower
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An Eternity Without You {KiriBaku} by Catidas04
An Eternity Without You {KiriBaku}by Catidas04
"Did you hear about that Demon that lives on the mountain?" "Yeah! He scares me! wouldn't want to go there!" "No one can even make it quarter of...
  • katsuki
  • kirishima
  • bokunoheroacadamia
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In The Heat by katnisslerman16
In The Heatby Abigail Lynne
Caroline Ryder doesn't believe in fate. She doesn't believe in destiny either. If either existed than her mate wouldn't have been killed before she had the chance to kno...
  • relationship
  • war
  • destiny
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[COMPLETE] The Loudest Voice (Squip × Reader) by Im_A_General
[COMPLETE] The Loudest Voice ( curious george
Y/N L/N made the mistake of taking a trip to Starbucks with one of Be More Chill's star actors- A trip that- although she can't quite remember, Resulted in many things. ...
  • fluffiness
  • ericwilliammorris
  • itsfromjapan
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The Time Capsule by greenwriter
The Time Capsuleby Janelle Ruiz
[A 2015 Wattpad Featured Story] 1. Ride through rough roads 2. Mount a carabao 3. Spend a night in a prison cell 4. Hitch a ride on a sugarcane truck 5. Get trapped on a...
  • steph
  • favorite
  • life
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The Great White Lion by MoonlitFigures
The Great White Lionby Ally
(LEO - Book 1) There was a boy with a red scarf in the village. Some would say he was weak. He wasn't the type to train with his teachers or maybe even hunt for foo...
  • mountain
  • legends
  • adventure
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[COMPLETE] Voices In My Head (Squip x Reader) by Im_A_General
[COMPLETE] Voices In My Head ( curious george
You are a huge Be More Chill fan, living a normal life. Well, as normal as life gets. You love musical theatre, and one day while acting out "The Squip Song" s...
  • fluffiness
  • whiteout
  • fluff
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
  • jujutsu
  • aempyrean
  • acid
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Hate is a passionate Emotion ( Completed) by Sennee
Hate is a passionate Emotion ( Jessenia
How can I start feeling something other than hate for him? That happens to so many people. In this story Caridad a 9th grader finaly faces the fact that sometimes we hat...
  • josh
  • lip
  • emotion
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Love Is A Mountain  by RosePetals91
Love Is A Mountain by RosePetals91
~Love is a mountain and I think I just reached the peak.~ Hazel Ross is in undeniable love with Max Carson, but one problem stand in their way, Kelly, his girlfriend. Ha...
  • disappearance
  • love
  • copyrighted
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Avalanche by fridakhlo7
Avalancheby fridakhlo7
They just wanted to climb the mountain. They were proffesional climbers. But there was a big problem about the mountain ; Mountain Lhotse is the 4th highest mountain in...
  • mountain
  • survive
  • drama
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The Great Trek by roegrace
The Great Trekby caroline (:
"Love is a game. It's a game filled with late nights crying in your bathtub, early mornings making pancakes and dancing, and trusting you can fall for someone becau...
  • great
  • california
  • girlxboy
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The Ballad of Mountain crest  by SpookyMoons
The Ballad of Mountain crest by SpookyMoons
No one bats an eye when the football star dates the beautiful cheerleader or when the drama club girl falls for the eccentric art student it's all natural and expected f...
  • punk
  • highschoolsweethearts
  • teenagers
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Climbing Olympus Mons by Abstablook
Climbing Olympus Monsby A. M. Smith
My name is Olympus Mons. After the biggest mountain/volcano in the universe. My whole life is about the great journey that you will find inside the book.
  • valcano
  • mountain
  • adventure
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Impass by Hannah138977
Impassby hannah williams
A plane crashed and they only have 2 options
  • mountain
Inside Everest by gillianhannah58
Inside Everestby gillianhannah58
Sara Brown is the chosen female of the prophecy. Riley is the chosen male. Riley and Sara must fight for survival in this new world. Sara fights for freedom of her dark...
  • tunnels
  • mountain
  • immortal
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Sara Above the Clouds by MoonshineNoire
Sara Above the Cloudsby MoonshineNoire
Sara and the Pirates set off on a mission through time, space, and mythical lands escaping crazy enchantresses accompanied by an awkward Necromancer. Circe, Lands in th...
  • steampunk
  • queen
  • magic
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