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The Trial She Faces by L_ill3621
The Trial She Facesby L_ill
Evie's life is turned upside down and she must leave behind her pack, her family and, the only home that she has ever known after being brutally rejected by her mate. Sc...
Catching Fireflies | MountainGhoul x OC by CapriS0n_
Catching Fireflies | Capri
"Do you feel them too?" "Feel what?" "The flutters in your stomach, the fireflies as people call them." ~ "You're stuck in my head lik...
Welcome To The Clergy by ghostsimp4life
Welcome To The Clergyby ghostsimp4life
You go to your first ritual and meet papa, following the adventures of the reader in the clergy. 😏 CW: -smut -shipping of ghouls and papa with reader -swearing Also may...
Another Life (Rain x Reader) SEQUEL TO UNHOLY!! by monster_addict1
Another Life (Rain x Reader) monster_addict1
(Y/n) is finally with Rain but it's definitely not a normal relationship with one being a vampire and the other being a ghoul. How will the other ghoul's react to a vamp...
«From Fan To Apart Of The Band». (Hiatus !) by Harishimo
«From Fan To Apart Of The Band». ( LiveLaughGhost
Ghouls x Reader (Tall) (All Ghouls are Aged down, unless you prefer them older) What happens when your friend makes you tag along to a concert you never wanted to go to...
Savior (Swiss x Reader) by monster_addict1
Savior (Swiss x Reader)by monster_addict1
(Y/n) is a witch currently on the run from her village after they found out she was a witch. She was sentenced to death by hanging. Obviously not wanting to die she fled...
make me stay. by amalieelmstrom
make me Amalie Elmstrøm
they grew up together, in one of the protected towns at the bottom of the mountain. then, at 14, they fell in love. they spend almost 4 years together, but just before h...
Faded || Mountain Ghoul by scottlangsdaughter
Faded || Mountain Ghoulby Alex Turner’s B!tch
"Fuck fuck fucking fuck." "That's a lot of fucks." - "Fuck fuck fucking fuck." "Hey, that's what I say." ------- Satan saw a perf...
When Paradise is Lost - Ghost Fanfic by unholy_ghoul
When Paradise is Lost - Ghost Fen
Word Count: 222,345 Copia x Original Female Character A young child, a runaway, found and saved by Papa Emeritus II and raised by the church. Despite her struggles, she...
•B i t t e r S w e e t• by Nilivi_
•B i t t e r S w e e t•by .•Nilivi•.
•~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• "...Why is there an Angel here? We all know that Angels aren't allowed in a devil church.." •~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•
The Great White Lion by MoonlitFigures
The Great White Lionby Ally
(LEO - Book 1) There was a boy with a red scarf in the village. Some would say he was weak. He wasn't the type to train with his teachers or maybe even hunt for foo...
Helvetesfönster- Ghost by AtlasBlaine
Helvetesfönster- Ghostby AtlasBlaine
A window to hell? Impossible, right? Well, not entirely. And Yn knew that. Her window to hell wasn't what it seemed. It wasn't your typical gate to hell. Her way to hel...
The Summoning (Dewdrop x Reader) by monster_addict1
The Summoning (Dewdrop x Reader)by monster_addict1
(Y/n) and her friends Riley and Spencer are ghost hunters that live in New York City who make videos for their fans. The fans want them to go to a certain location that...
Ghost one shots  by Karmaisthebest303
Ghost one shots by Karma emeratus
any suggestions are open!!!! I do not own Ghost or the characters in this book.
I Am Who? - Book 2 by WriterByNight12
I Am Who? - Book 2by WriterByNight12
*SEQUEL to I Am Bree* **Copyrighted** His hand snatched my wrist out of the air, tugging it. With my momentum, I slammed right into him, but I went fighting, my free fis...
A Midsummer Weekend (The Extended Version) by Malikadoc
A Midsummer Weekend (The Malika
"I used to think that I fell in love with you at first sight, but now I think my soul fell in love with yours the moment we were paired in heaven" His fingers...
CYHMSYNF - Ghost B.C x Reader by Pyremxx
CYHMSYNF - Ghost B.C x Readerby Pyremxx
This will be most likely a oneshot book messing with a few concepts, maybe turning into a set plot book a few chapters in. I have been wanting to mess around with this c...
death's remorse [r.g.] by exulansis_writes
death's remorse [r.g.]by Exulansis :]
my grandfather was everything to me. his death stabbed a hole through my heart which was ripped further when his funeral was brushed off and his grave seemed to never ex...
Body And Blood (Copia/Papa Emeritus 4 X Reader) by Billiesghostsnc
Body And Blood (Copia/Papa Billiesghostsnc
When Riley managed to escape the person that kidnapped her, she found herself in the stables of the ghost manor. Some weird guy with face paint saved her and took her in...