In The Heat by katnisslerman16
In The Heatby Abigail Lynne
Caroline Ryder doesn't believe in fate. She doesn't believe in destiny either. If either existed than her mate wouldn't have been killed before she had the chance to kno...
  • love
  • summer
  • second
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The Time Capsule by greenwriter
The Time Capsuleby Janelle Ruiz
[A 2015 Wattpad Featured Story] 1. Ride through rough roads 2. Mount a carabao 3. Spend a night in a prison cell 4. Hitch a ride on a sugarcane truck 5. Get trapped on a...
  • prison
  • love
  • mountain
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[COMPLETE] The Loudest Voice (Squip × Reader) by Im_A_General
[COMPLETE] The Loudest Voice ( curious george
Y/N L/N made the mistake of taking a trip to Starbucks with one of Be More Chill's star actors- A trip that- although she can't quite remember, Resulted in many things. ...
  • itsfromjapan
  • dew
  • hamilton
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The Great White Lion by MoonlitFigures
The Great White Lionby Ally
(LEO - Book 1) There was a boy with a red scarf in the village. Some would say he was weak. He wasn't the type to train with his teachers or maybe even hunt for foo...
  • legends
  • elders
  • adventure
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[COMPLETE] Voices In My Head (Squip x Reader) by Im_A_General
[COMPLETE] Voices In My Head ( curious george
You are a huge Be More Chill fan, living a normal life. Well, as normal as life gets. You love musical theatre, and one day while acting out "The Squip Song" s...
  • bemorechill
  • dew
  • squipxreader
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Army Girl by oncealwaysforever
Army Girlby Sammy Lee
-I love you. -I don't. -Well, we'll see about that. A girl, a boy and a really boring Military Training Program. What could possibly go wrong? A love novel written by...
  • wattys2016
  • affair
  • love
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The Christmas Jewel by hjnelson
The Christmas Jewelby H.J. Nelson
When Sutton gets dumped right before what was supposed to be a romantic Christmas weekend getaway in the mountains, she makes a Christmas vow: a man free Christmas. She'...
  • skiing
  • romance
  • holiday
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Zaliya's Unexpected Journey by shiv_zala
Zaliya's Unexpected Journeyby Shivali Zala
Zaliya is not a normal middle earth being. She is a controller, she has power over fire, earth, water, and air. She also has the ability to change into any animal. Bu...
  • shape-shifter
  • orcs
  • dwarf
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Autumn Leaves by GentleAaron
Autumn Leavesby Aaron Chiplocke
Summer blue on winter's white. A land of poetry, of deep greens and golds, reds and browns. A veritable autumn wonderland. Mt. Fierté Academy - just your typical boardin...
  • golden
  • lonely
  • boarding
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Capturing Selvaggio by madelinestephens
Capturing Selvaggioby madelinestephens
Overthrowing the balance of nature he was punished to remain immortal on earth. Growing miserable by the centuries he soon lost control, becoming more wild than man. Unt...
  • mountolympus
  • greekmythology
  • soulmate
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EPHEMERAL {Byun Baekhyun} by fallenvalley_18
EPHEMERAL {Byun Baekhyun}by Paigedarling0506
I saw a guy standing on the edge of the cliff. He was wearing a navy blue jacket, jeans and a pair of sneakers. What bothered me the most was the black bucket hat that c...
  • ephemeral
  • original
  • exo
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Mysterious Birthday Cake 🎂 | ✓ #writewithZo by xX02panaroma02Xx
Mysterious Birthday Cake 🎂 | ✓ ꧁𝕻𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖘𝖘 𝕻𝖆𝖓𝖆𝖗�...
#writewithZo #WritingContest Highest rank in the tag #writewithZo - #3, thank u so much!!! 💖 A tale of a prince of low moral character. Taking place in the one and on...
  • writewithzo
  • train
  • cake
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『SIBERAN 』a warrior cat roleplay  by -jackdaw
『SIBERAN 』a warrior cat roleplay by Jackdaw
siberian frosts swirl your soul
  • mountain
  • warrior
  • roleplay
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(Blind)Armin Arlert x Reader - The Training Accident by Cawkfrost
(Blind)Armin Arlert x Reader - Cawkfrost
The exercise was simple enough. Obtain a colored stake as you hike up the peak. Reach the very top, to the cabins. A test of endurance. Easy. Or so you both thought...
  • aot
  • snow
  • training
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Hell's Bane (COMPLETED) by Yelverton_TheGeek_
Hell's Bane (COMPLETED)by Bearded Man at Sea
Hugo never intends to be caught in a bloodsoaked war that could set the world into chaos when he first joins the Claimant. He has always suspected there is something und...
  • fantasy
  • spy
  • race-against-time
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The King's Arrival {Book 6} by evidentlyawriter
The King's Arrival {Book 6}by evidentlyawriter
{Sixth book in the INTERWOVEN series} {This book is ongoing and is updated weekly (usually Wednesdays)} Kivuli has returned to Catala but now he must find a way to prov...
  • nanowrimo18
  • princess
  • journey
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Vacation by hanahlover2
Vacationby Diane Simpson
Andrea was on a normal winter vacation with her family for winter break. She might fall in love with a stranger.
  • love
  • mountain
  • winter
Sky or Sea by Evaporaaaaaaaate
Sky or Seaby Evaporaaaaaaaate
This book is about 5 characters who discover a world far bigger than their own- Earth.
  • drama
  • sci-fi
  • mountain
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Posted As Missing by ZonderZorg
Posted As Missingby Michael Walsh
Early in World War One, a young Canadian soldier is wounded and trapped behind German lines. He uses quick thinking and ingenuity to evade capture, then deeper into enem...
  • litreads
  • love
  • maleprotagonist
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Born To Love You Again by innocent_sexypig
Born To Love You Againby inosente
Do you believe in Reincarnation? How about in second chances? Or better yet, in love? Halina't samahan nyo sina Grey at Hyacinth sa Adventures ng kanilang pagmamahalan...
  • yfbooksaward2018
  • past
  • spiritual
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