The Heat by LexieTheLemur
The Heatby Katana
Every year, two times a year, the Heat occurs. Unmated females with their first heats are let out in an expanse of territory where they are forcefully mated and claimed...
  • brave
  • feral
  • vicious
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In The Heat by katnisslerman16
In The Heatby Abigail Lynne
Caroline Ryder doesn't believe in fate. She doesn't believe in destiny either. If either existed than her mate wouldn't have been killed before she had the chance to kno...
  • romance
  • mating
  • fight
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Chasing the Fleeting Flower by amui314
Chasing the Fleeting Flowerby Sunny
[Xin Rui] First legitimate daughter of the third ranked scholar family, Xin. A young, ordinary merchant man with a basic background that lives in the mountains and trave...
  • fiction
  • historical
  • love
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The Great White Lion by MoonlitFigures
The Great White Lionby Ally
(LEO - Book 1) There was a boy with a red scarf in the village. Some would say he was weak. He wasn't the type to train with his teachers or maybe even hunt for foo...
  • lgbt
  • snow
  • fantasy
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The Truth Beneath the Rose by csparks06
The Truth Beneath the Roseby C. Sparks
"But roses can be quite troublesome. They are beautiful and alluring on the surface, but their true nature lies hidden in the shadows. For underneath their delicate...
  • oakenshield
  • dragon
  • gandalf
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[COMPLETE] Voices In My Head (Squip x Reader) by Im_A_General
[COMPLETE] Voices In My Head ( tort-illa
You are a huge Be More Chill fan, living a normal life. Well, as normal as life gets. You love musical theatre, and one day while acting out "The Squip Song" s...
  • hamilton
  • bemorechill
  • dearevanhansen
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TRIBELANDS by BreadSteaks
TRIBELANDSby Breadsteaks
"Something awaits to awaken in our souls, an evil sleeping so soundly, yet it will awaken, it always does."
  • mountain
  • cats
  • warriors
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Beauty [boy x boy] by MissConfusedParadox
Beauty [boy x boy]by MissConfusedParadox
The only thing Lucas wanted was the blond haired boy; Nathaniel. Nathan was made for passion. And he would have all of Lucas' passion in that stunning little body of his...
  • mountain
  • demon
  • human
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Posted As Missing by ZonderZorg
Posted As Missingby Michael Walsh
Early in World War One, a young Canadian soldier is wounded and trapped behind German lines. He uses quick thinking and ingenuity to evade capture, then deeper into enem...
  • escape
  • selfdiscovery
  • adultfic
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The Journey | #1 Smoky Mountain Series by _ChunkyMonkey_
The Journey | #1 Smoky Mountain Paige Carlin
Tennessee. My new home. My birthplace. My destiny. I moved here to start a new life, to get away from the childhood memories and the constant reminder. I ran from tempta...
  • mountain
  • brothers
  • possessive
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The Way We Get By by reannekennedy17
The Way We Get Byby ReAnne Kennedy
Best friends. Neighbours. And a spark that can't be ignored... Emyln Walker and Hainsey Stone have been best friends since grade five, but just after their relationship...
  • drugs
  • divorce
  • drama
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Army Girl by oncealwaysforever
Army Girlby Sammy Lee
-I love you. -I don't. -Well, we'll see about that. A girl, a boy and a really boring Military Training Program. What could possibly go wrong? A love novel written by...
  • military
  • soul
  • affair
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The Fount of Dragon Fire by Talia_Rhea
The Fount of Dragon Fireby Talia Rhea
Dragon fire, bright gold, casts rainbows instead of shadows. Camry was gifted with the power of fire by the dragon that saved her life as a child. She hides her gift fro...
  • mountain
  • protests
  • modern
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He's not a Demon by FullMoon903
He's not a Demonby FullMoon903
Lucas was chosen to be an experiment since the day he was born. He was trained to fight. To kill. When he turned 17 he escaped, he didn't want to be controlled by them. ...
  • experiment
  • river
  • forest
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Ripnami Lemon by AnkoleHorn
Ripnami Lemonby AnkoleHorn
After the war and after Darkstalker, when Pyrrhia has healed and the tribes can be at peace again, Jade Mountain continues to teach young dragonets from different tribes...
  • fire
  • mountain
  • jade
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Eero by lanibug2018
Eeroby L. I. M.
See description inside.
  • kidnap
  • home
  • blackfeet
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Mountain Child/Raven Reyes by RegularHeartBreak
Mountain Child/Raven Reyesby RegularHeartBreak
She was a secret few knew of, a little trikru child raised within the bunker of the mountain men. One who swore to free the people she had never been a part of. And whe...
  • nightblood
  • season2
  • mtweather
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|| THE MOUNTAIN AWARDS || by mountain_lovers
|| THE MOUNTAIN AWARDS ||by mountaineer's
Open () Judging (✔) Closed () welcome to first annual mountain awards Just as reaching the summit of the mountain is difficult , getting your work recognised among bil...
  • awardbook
  • write
  • new
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Born To Love You Again (#YFBookAwards2018) by innocent_sexypig
Born To Love You Again ( MayNa
Do you believe in Reincarnation? How about in second chances? Or better yet, in love? Halina't samahan nyo sina Grey at Hyacinth sa Adventures ng kanilang pagmamahalan...
  • innocent
  • secondchances
  • relationships
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The Aetherworld Chronicles: The Fortress by ECSherman
The Aetherworld Chronicles: The E. C. Sherman
Book One + + + Benjamin Trumbauer enjoys his life in Kentucky. Though he lives in a run down neighborhood, he dreams of becoming an artist someday. He's surrounded by hi...
  • mythology
  • magicalcreatures
  • mythicalcreatures
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