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The Light of Dusk by bobs-buddy
The Light of Duskby
¡sun and moon show AU! solarxmoon cause I can't find any.
The Truth (completed)  by Zafia_lyn29
The Truth (completed) by Zafia_lyn29
Hey guys! another story is here. I hope you'll like it. Enjoy! Most impressive rank #1 #3 #4
Two Faces // A TSAMS AU [PAUSED] by ri3e6a
Two Faces // A TSAMS AU [PAUSED]by Squishy
(Book cover doesn't belong to me, it belongs to their rightful owner!) Two Eclipses, two dimensions, (almost) same paths. The one we call a monster chose the path of ha...
To You, The Hero by EijaKushingomel
To You, The Heroby Kushingomel
On what if, in alternate universe, where the seven elementals powers contained inside Ochabot were all sentient? Each of the elementals had their own personalities, per...
║⁠ㄏBBB Mafia Story乁⁠║ by chicaw-san03
║⁠ㄏBBB Mafia Story乁⁠║by TEGUH 👍
Mengisahkan Tujuh saudara yang terpisah, karena ada sebuah identitas yang tidak boleh diketahui oleh adik-adik nya, itu agar tidak membahayakan nyawa mereka, maka dari i...
Falconer Solar AU by s0larstann3r
Falconer Solar AUby Sol
Lunar brings a falcon to the daycare, wanting to help its hurt wing. Unknowingly, the falcon gets attached to Solar. After not-so-careful consideration, Solar begins tra...
Sun x Eclipse x Solar by TSAM_Fan
Sun x Eclipse x Solarby TSAMS_FAN
THIS ISNT RELATED TO THE SUN AND MOON SHOW- this is more personal thoughts of mine. nothing sams related.
Teaching In The World Of Ninjago! by Blame_Blane
Teaching In The World Of Ninjago!by Blame_Blane
(BoBoiBoy x Ninjago) Boboiboy received a favor from none other than the master himself, Wu. Aaron (BoBoiBoy's real name{my au}) agreed as he currently had no missions re...
Eclipse's Punishment||SAMS FANFIC!|| by perildeath
Eclipse's Punishment||SAMS I'm Outside Your House
Art book for this au: Eclipse was living his best life and after chewing on a pen to hard and getting a mout...
solar x ruin!! by BostynMarksmeier
solar x ruin!!by Bostyn Marksmeier
I decided there was not enough solar x ruin so here you go!!
Ocean Rules | Sun and Moon show by ReadingStatic
Ocean Rules | Sun and Moon showby Rainbow System
A story with pirates and traumatized characters is great. Oceans Rules is a Sun and Moon show based book, though is placed in a competely different dimension, and doesn'...
I Found You (G!P) by CrzyMooMoo
I Found You (G!P)by xxmoonsunxx
Moonbyul was born in a rich family, her life is what everyone's want to have. Luxurious cars, clothes, mansion, well known company and a comfortable life but for her, he...
Solarballs ONESHOTS cuz yes by Revived_Randomness
Solarballs ONESHOTS cuz yesby Revived
Yippepeeeee so uh I got into a hyper fixation again send help- ANYWAY YALLS KNOW THE DRILL ITS SOLARBALLS ONESHOTS LETS GO Yes the cover art is mine do not steal Also ev...
WHERE WE STARTED [Jenlisa Original] by JL-SR_shipper
WHERE WE STARTED [Jenlisa Original]by JL-SR_shipper
Lisa Manoban and Jennie Jane Kim are best friends since high school and always together like no one can separate them. But as what they always say, there's always sadnes...
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with Elementals) by solarhood
HELPING HANDS (Boboiboy with solarhood
The fight with Retakka leads boboiboy into a serious injuries but with a little help from his elements and spending some time with them will also lead to problems or cha...
"Not in front of my tea." Guess which simp created a new book. Yes me, Manyee. DISCLAIMER: SOME QUOTES FROM PINTEREST, GOOGLE, REDDIT, ANY OTHER WEBSITES AND S...
Boboiboy On Crack by AjellaYlaya
Boboiboy On Crackby Yumi♨︎
➖☆➖ Basically an excuse where I don't answer my modules. I do random updates and in random quantities. You'll usually see random crack shots, skits and when I'm not laz...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Solarballs: Personified  by Solarballs000
Solarballs: Personified by Uma
Story 1# The main members of the Solar System encounter a weird flying object. It flies through them, and suddenly... (This is a dialogue story made by my own imaginatio...