A Highschool Story.   ||Jelena Story||

A Highschool Story. ||Jelena Story||

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Alyssaioi By Alyssaioi Updated Oct 07, 2017

Justin, the schools biggest player, moves in with a nerd named Selena..Niki and Gabi,(Selena's besties) are both one of the popular girls..Selena barely finds time to hang with her besties because they are either partying or with boys(^.^).Selena and her squad,(#Goalswith2people)can't see each other in school because people hate on Selena when she hangs out with them. People bully Selena and throw things at her and pokemher with a pencil during class and the teacher never notices.. Justin, along with his best friends, Cameron and Jack also bullying Selena but nobody ever stops them because they are the schools most popular boys and are on the Football team(Even though no one stops anyone when they bully Selena...BUT COME ON SHES A GIRL HERE!!Oopss.... Sorryy...Got a little to carried away...just a little..hehe:3.) Selena and her bestfriend have to pretend that they don't know each other although people like Niki and Gabi together but hateeeeee Selena(HOW RUDE). Did I mention that there were mean girls too? You'll see.... Find out about Selena's twist and turns with Justin in the house.

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