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RWBY theories

RWBY theories

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KnightoftheRWBYVerse By KnightoftheRWBYVerse Updated Nov 07, 2016

I decided to make this book to outline some of my favorite theories and will try to prove them. I will go later as the series goes on and write proven or disproven on the page.Please note not all these theories belong to me and they belong to their original owners as it is impossible to truly find the original this will have to be the credit.
 Note these are my opinions and While I love feedback if you disagree we can talk in private.

ThatOneMicah ThatOneMicah a day ago
You don't have to bury a body. She was probably cremated and they scattered her ashed by the cliff-side. This theory is a little rocky...
dunhamrylee dunhamrylee a day ago
Ok I know you might think I am lying but I have paid 30 bucks and read all the way to volume 10 and apparently summer rose is alive! But she's stuck in time. Because *points to eyes* of her silver eyes.
Coligramblu3122 Coligramblu3122 Sep 04, 2016
But isn't salem the one that created the grimm that's my theory
MontyMord MontyMord Aug 26, 2016
Is no one else wondering about the cross emblem???????
                              That could be important because I don't think that religion exists in RWBY ......... it may stand for something else
blackflaredragon blackflaredragon Jul 18, 2016
Technically yes, summer is believe to be not dead. They said she had not come back from a mission and died but theres no evidence
antagonist- antagonist- Jun 08, 2016
You are freaking right! I didn't notice that her emblem changed on her skirt but because I didn't watch the Red Trailer. Only until I finished Volume 1, 2, and 3 I watched the Red Trailer but then again I still didn't notice it XD