The Army of Chaos

The Army of Chaos

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Sailor By ChasingWinds Completed


He was betrayed. Hated. Cheated on. Shunned. Tortured. Disowned. Framed. Depressed. 

Who was this man? You may know him.

He was Percy Jackson, a certain former son of Poseidon.

But now, he's Omega son of Chaos, primordial of betrayal, fallen heroes, sadness, loyalty, swordsman ship, and revenge. Not to mention SASS!!! XD

When Omega is called back to Earth, will he go back to the place he was betrayed? Or will he watch in joy as everyone who betrayed him perishes?


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Kind, sweet, sarcastic, funny, and used to be super depressed and self harmed
Gotvaldez Gotvaldez Sep 01
Funny loyal caring comforting good listener loving sarcastic and mess with anyone I love you will die a slow and painful death also doesn't  mind blood.
You old? Pssht not like you the oldest being in the universe that created it...
                              Oh wait..
Slave of taturous. Spent most of life in tarturous so skin is Snow White. Has scars from torture. But is happy and has a girlfriend named Daniele
Gotvaldez Gotvaldez Sep 01
Betrayed and outlasted by all friends and abused almost killed but made it out alive and help anyone in need
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