Son of Chaos || Percy Jackson

Son of Chaos || Percy Jackson

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Perseus Achilles Jackson; Savior of Olympus, one of the Seven, and the most loyal demigod you will ever meet.

Has a price over his head?

After the betrayal of his fellow campers and girlfriend, Percy is summoned to Olympus, where he is to blame for a crime he did not commit. 

Forcing to run for his life, Percy flees from the Gods and Goddesses who are out to murder Percy.

That is, until he bumped into the mysterious man in an ally way.

Now Percy travels around the galaxy, recruiting people and saving the innocent. This is not a tale about Percy Jackson, Hero of Olympus.

This is a tale of Commander Omega, Son of Chaos

[ Cover made by @voideren- ]

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_Kawaii_Kim_ _Kawaii_Kim_ Sep 07, 2017
When you've read thousands of these but you still want to smash the fourth wall and kick that idiot son of a Hera to next year
feelsgoddess feelsgoddess Aug 29, 2017
                              Well, it already won two pageant shows and America's Got Talent, might as well let it roam free now.
feelsgoddess feelsgoddess Aug 29, 2017
Let me just say... I love this story! The cover is awesome, the book is awesome, the author is awesome... Okay, I'm done rambling. Now, I must read.
_Kawaii_Kim_ _Kawaii_Kim_ Sep 07, 2017
Wrong paul it's jake like from state farm IF YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE FRIENDS
Estales Estales Nov 15, 2017
@MyungJiBaek di sa ko mag basa ato ha kay kani sa ang unahun nako ha sorry
horcruxes91 horcruxes91 Oct 23, 2017
Isn't Jake a hepheastus kid? The old cabin councilor when Leo arrived at camp? Who was in a full body cast because of the 'curse' in the cabin? Jake Mason?