Chaos' Army, The Soldiers From the Past

Chaos' Army, The Soldiers From the Past

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''Sometimes being a false son, makes you a true person.''

I am Omega, the son of Chaos, the Commander of Chaos' army. 
 I was given a mission, go to the planet earth, save the Olympians and demigods from Kronos and Geae. 
Simple, like every other mission I've done.
 I am going with my army, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Epsilon, the elite team. 
Yet my soldier's and I have a past on Earth, each one of us a were buried there, in betrayal and anger, and sadness.
 I like everyone else on my team was given a second chance.
 A second chance by Chaos.
 On Earth is my ex-girlfriend, who is probably making out with my step brother.
 There are my ex-best friends who are most likey going about their happy cheerful life, yet I doubt that. 
 Its been five hundred years hence I lived on that dreadful planet, they must be dead.
 But I was wrong.

One last thing you should probally know about me: My real name is Percy Jackson

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Softband Softband Mar 20
Are you American? You write like one. Which to say: You and your book is amazing. Americans are fabulous.
Rhosseinof Rhosseinof Aug 11
I instantly thought "hmm darting sounds like farting" and then you said it 😂😂
I'm just putting this somewhere i really like the name of the book i think it's real cool!
This is a Pick-Up line.
                              Chaos picked Percy up, which is strung into a line of words- a sentence.
Bruh if you are so 'great' grow some balls and stop acting like a baby
Fucks sakes. The Olympians ignore their kids. The Titans eat their kids. The Primordials throw their kids to Tartarus. What makes you think that Chaos would actually care about Percy?