Betrayed Son of the Sea (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Betrayed Son of the Sea (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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Percy's life is great, until one of his best friends betrays him.He decides to leave camp with his true friends and meets Chaos. What happens when they have to come back to Earth? Will Percy betray those who once betrayed him or will he forgive?

 A Percy Jackson chaos story. I know its not the most original idea but I will try to make it as original as I can. Nico will not be gay.
May have some Blood of Olympus spoilers.

Completed Story
All rights go to Rick Riordan.

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Piper you could have charm-speak him to see if he was lying or not
New York,concrete jungles (I think that is the lyrics)where dreams are made of
Sea of Monsters but at the end. Most of her introduction is in the Titans Curse.
I have one question in all my life I have questioned this part of the banishments first why does he not immediately swear on the river Styx or chaos or anything that he did not do it? Lol I have never seen him do that lol