Hades Stole My Panties

Hades Stole My Panties

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mom By tatortotmajesty Updated Apr 06

It's not everyday that the God of the Underworld sneaks into your bedroom and steals your panties.

It's not everyday that you offer your soul to the God of the Underworld in order to spare your mothers.

It's not everyday that you become roommates with the God of the underworld.

Clearly I'm having a weird day.

BeeDiverse BeeDiverse Apr 06
When I first saw the title, was I the only one who thought of pjo?
Love the beginning. I never read a book that started like this
*screams* I FOUND THIS STORY AGAIN YES I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR MONTHS FINALLY YESSSSSSS *clears throat and looks around awkwardly* Ummmmm carry on nothing to see here
- - Feb 16
Nice starting.
                              Note the sarcasm...XD
                              This is so the best starting ever! U r probably the first author I know to do this. (This is no sarcasm)
LoveAlways_Brittany LoveAlways_Brittany Dec 26, 2015
In the words of Cinderella's mother "you have more kindness in your little finger, than most possess in their while body"
Elda036 Elda036 Dec 19, 2015
Are you greek or do you just like Greece and greek mythology??? ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ≧ω≦