losing you {min yoongi}

losing you {min yoongi}

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trust me, it gets worse.

title creds: @infinitychau

part three

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I'm scared to read bcs of the title.. Don't make me cry again pls
OMG ChimChim 
                              Guys just please stay safe after Taehyungs death I’ll have a heart attack if any of your are breathing too fast
myg2006293 myg2006293 Apr 22
Oh here's a hint the being created by SATAN your GRANDMOTHER! Wait.... grand?! Yuck. THE OLD WITCHY HAG THAT WAS CREATED BY THE DEVIL AND NEEDS TO SUCK A DICK TO KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT. sent th to find touw
My friend called her crush to open his gate and he’s like ‘where are you’ and she’s like”I’m everywhere”
Ask Satan’s mother aka your grandmother 
                              Like someone need to explain what a life is to her
Chloeeee_XD Chloeeee_XD Apr 10
And now I'm picturing the scene in Euphoria with Jimin holding onto Hoseok