losing you {min yoongi}

losing you {min yoongi}

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trust me, it gets worse.

title creds: @infinitychau

part three

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Well obviously that little son of a bish asked them to find you
My friend called her crush to open his gate and he’s like ‘where are you’ and she’s like”I’m everywhere”
eunnihwaa eunnihwaa Mar 05
You know, when I started reading book one, I thought this was gonna be a cute love story between two high school students who knew each other from middle school... but boy was I wrong
Nao_Noona Nao_Noona Feb 02
Nooo, suga why you no like nari anymore! jk, he does still ik, but whyyyyyyyyy u no acknowledge ur fking gf
OoFf  let me get ahold of him and i promise ill set him stright!