losing you {min yoongi}

losing you {min yoongi}

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eat ass By mxnsuga Completed

trust me, it gets worse.

title creds: @infinitychau

part three

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The first 2 books made me an emotional mess, and I told myself I wasn't gonna go through that again.
                              Yet here I am :'))
I told mahself not to get emotional and here I am crying on my bed and hugging my pillow... (;—;)
idk what to do with my life now. I just want to enter the ff.
I told myself I'll stop..... I won't read further.... Bt I'm hooked.... It's so good...
I didnt wanted to finish book 2 cause of the feels. 
                              Guess whos here anyways.
psycho_weeb psycho_weeb Nov 07
I’m gonna reread the first story and be like “WHAT THE FÛCK HAPPENED TO HER”