Titania Held Captive (JeRza) (Lemon)

Titania Held Captive (JeRza) (Lemon)

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I wont be on this account any more sorry. Password won't change:( By ErzyScarlet_M_Akame Updated Dec 08, 2015

When Erza is hired for a job, and the job is to capture a azure haired male who kidnaps red haired girls. Luck is not on Erza's side. And when her old friend has gone bad again, or should i say gone strange. What will Erza do? Honestly you all know who the guy is. Or do you? and don't forget Jellal has gone Crazy. Join Erza (if you can join Erza) to figure out why Jellal has changed a slight twist, but still good.

Also this is after they defeat the dragons. 

I will update when I feel inspired. I promise I will update before a month. so iI will not, not write longer than a month.

I really don't know what erza is going to do. well, very little GaLe, GrUvia and NaLu. Maybe some other ships?


Either ship Miraxus or be killed by the Miraxus fangirls......
So you kidnaped her cuz you love her WELLL......... That's not normal
If anyone stopped to think that if jellal and Ezra had a baby would they have a purple hair baby😅
Let's see.....who do we know that has blue hair that's a boy..........
Never mess up with the titania when she's eating her Strawberry cake 😂😂😂
Ok possessive much? And has anyone stopped to think that if Jellal and Erza had a child their kid would have purple hair?