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Creepypasta x Reader Lemons by AnYoNe_WaNt_A_dRiNk
Creepypasta x Reader Lemonsby Creepypasta Supporter: Subjec...
So, me being a freaky weirdo(as usual), I was reading Creepypasta lemons and not a lot of them were that great so I decided to try to write some myself, if you guys have...
  • timothy
  • tim
  • creepypasta
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Sasuke one-shots by Yondaime_sama
Sasuke one-shotsby Dekudasai
includes : Sasuke's( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I DON'T ACCEPT REQUEST YET Some of this One-shots are not mine but to their Respective Writers/Owners | but half of this One-shots are min...
  • narutocharacters
  • sasukelovestory
  • fantasy
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Animal x reader lemon by thatweird_gamer7
Animal x reader lemonby thatweird_gamer7
I'm weird and tried sooo.....enjoy?
  • lemons
  • xreader
  • animals
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For life (natsu x reader lemon) by Stitchisagirl
For life (natsu x reader lemon)by QueenOfTheDamned
It's mating season and with it comes not only sex but drama. The guild is Flipped up side down and side ways when the four dragon slayers go into heat (y/n) Natsu Gaje...
  • maturelanguage
  • natsuxreader
  • matingseason
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Diabolik Lovers ↫Lemons↬ by __CarlaTsukinami__
Diabolik Lovers ↫Lemons↬by ֆƈǟʀʄʏ-ֆǟռ
~All In The Title~ ❝If it's a different pleasure that you seek, grope for it and cling to it... If you can❞ ❝There's one simple word to describe you: Mine❞ ❝If love is w...
  • kanatosakamaki
  • mukami
  • subarusakamaki
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A Sex Toy? (Kagekao X Reader) by XxHunter02xX
A Sex Toy? (Kagekao X Reader)by Hunter
Taking a trip to Japan sounds awesome, until you meet the one and only Kagekao. Where he tries to kill you. But let bygones be bygones. After all, he did just make you...
  • fluff
  • toys
  • yolo
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Hetalia various x reader lemon by Sugercube92
Hetalia various x reader lemonby Sugercube92
You are drugged by someone putting vigara in your drink at a meeting, making you very horny. I also do requests, so if you want me to do a chapter on something certain t...
  • drugs
  • innocence
  • lemons
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Jungkook x Reader Smuts OneShot Book~~ by LemonForU
Jungkook x Reader Smuts OneShot Bo...by Lemons🍋🍋
U will need some holy water after reading this 😂
  • holywaterueneeded
  • bts
  • jungkook
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His Desert Bride Yandere evil Gaara x reader by QueenGuavaJuice
His Desert Bride Yandere evil Gaar...by QueenGuavaJuice
Okay so Gaara still has Shukaku sealed inside of him and went to the chuin exams and met Naruto but never changed this story is set after the war so everyone is 21 Y/N i...
  • lemons
  • gaara
  • yanderexreader
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lesbian one shots ;) by cyberdyke_
lesbian one shots ;)by ccHlOE
requests always open gxg smut dm me for roleplay ;))
  • lesbianfluff
  • lesbianromance
  • shots
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Lightning Strikes - Iron Man Fanfic by 123Joleen
Lightning Strikes - Iron Man Fanficby GhoulishGal
A girl wins a contest to have The Iron Man attend her party. Will it end at that or will something more blossom? * In chapter means there is Smut
  • tonystarxreader
  • marvel
  • theavengers
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Laxus dreyar lemons  by WhiteLion47356
Laxus dreyar lemons by Alissa chevelle
Exactly what the title says. Mature content. 18+
  • dragon
  • lemons
  • slayer
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The Book of Black Butler Oneshots by PainfullyAlex
The Book of Black Butler Oneshotsby ᴀʟᴇx ᴄᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Welcome!!! One shots for All!!! Here we got Character x Reader. We got Character x Character. And a bunch of random Fanfic!!! I take request! So yeah! (Requests are reop...
  • blackbutler
  • oneshots
  • sebastian
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Sasuke x reader! LEMONS 🍋 by ReiBarnum
Sasuke x reader! LEMONS 🍋by Rei Barnum
All storys not mine. All of the story just need to shine.
  • susake
  • lemons
  • naurto
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Creepypasta x Various!Reader oneshots {REQUESTS OPEN} by Ruby_Woods
Creepypasta x Various!Reader onesh...by Solar_Eclipse
I don't know honestly. I just got bored and decided to make this. I hope y'all like it~!
  • creepypastalemons
  • creepypasta
  • sally
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||One-shots or Lemons?|| by Angelwithfeelings
||One-shots or Lemons?||by 📚
It's all in the Title & Cover✨ //I don't do Blossutch, Blossoomer, Brickercup, Brickubbles, Butchubbles, Boomtercup// Artwork not mine. Started: January 21, 2018 Ended:...
  • boomubbles
  • lemons
  • cute
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Monster girl harem by I_Am_Zenith
Monster girl haremby Zenith Krakveek
Will take place in the same universe as Monster Musume however contact with the original harem will be limited unless a vote decides otherwise. For this there will be a...
  • harem
  • xmalreader
  • lamia
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Attack on Titan x Male Reader by ErenJxAnnieL
Attack on Titan x Male Readerby ErenJxAnnieL
When a young boy joined the Warriors programme, he never expected to make such good friends, or to do so well, but his kindness got in his way. But he certainly didn't...
  • lemons
  • lemon
  • mikasa
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More Love Than Risk: Raphael x Reader Stories by LittleStrangeBoi
More Love Than Risk: Raphael x Rea...by Demon Daddy
There will be various stories posted on this. So if you have a love for Raph, you came to the right place.
  • transgender
  • tmnt
  • turtles
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Creepypasta one-shots by The_Mask_Maiden
Creepypasta one-shotsby (Trash, basically)
Creepypasta one-shots and lemons I hope you enjoy reading this crap Requests are welcome But please no oc requests
  • lemons
  • eyelessjack
  • hoodie
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