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Assassination Classroom Lemons by Chu-ixxi
Assassination Classroom Lemonsby Mikayla [Mickey]
Lemons ayee
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Harder | Levi [M] by revalise
Harder | Levi [M]by leila
❝It all comes down to the person who stays.❞ The moment their eyes locked, they both felt a change in their system. Can Arya Strauss suppress what she feels when it's al...
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Sasunaru Oneshots by Them_Newtmas_feels
Sasunaru Oneshotsby fujoshi.
BEWARE! Sasunaru/ Narusasu Fluff, smut, crack, and a few lemons/limes .... Probably not for anyone under 14 or so... T+ and some M. Thank you all. ❤️
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Black Butler Lemons/Limes by Cybergodess
Black Butler Lemons/Limesby CyberGodess
Hope you enjoy.
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Mating Season (Lemons) | Fairy Tail by animesinnerr
Mating Season (Lemons) | Fairy Tailby Dani
Kay, this is another mating season fic with dragon slayers. Might not go into lemons cos my friends follow me on this account and I'm scared buuuut men who cares? This w...
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This... To This. NaRe (NatsuxReader) (Completed) by DuckGoesMeow
This... To This. NaRe (NatsuxReade...by Unmei 🥀
Being a 22 year old woman who works as a stripper can only go down hill. Read to find out what happens in (y/n) rollercoaster life. I do not own Fairy Tail CURRENTLY BEI...
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Anime One Shots / Lemons by M1sTxL1vz
Anime One Shots / Lemonsby Olivia
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Q&A Zerum and Marion by Girl0fDREAMS987
Q&A Zerum and Marionby Goddess_0F_Angels'87
This is a Q&A for Zerum and my Mlp Oc so I hope you like it :3 Ps-this is them in human form and in another timeline
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creepypasta lemons by jeffxforxever
creepypasta lemonsby aaron
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Love in a war ( toy Bonnie x male reader) by thman67
Love in a war ( toy Bonnie x male...by sigh.....*
Another one of these stories yet again. Ok so toy Bonnie is a female in my story and you are the male reader. Zombies are all around the world and you have only one per...
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Le Book of Lemony Goodness by Lemonynutella
Le Book of Lemony Goodnessby Lemonynutella
This is a book of lemons. I do anything. Yuri, Yaoi, Normal, Anything. I do character x character, Character x oc, Oc x Oc, Character x reader ANY. If its an oc just tel...
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Powerpuff Girls Z (Discontinued) by TravisBarlatier
Powerpuff Girls Z (Discontinued)by Travis Barlatier
So I noticed how almost ever Powerpuff Girls Z story on Wattpad is mainly PPG X RRB so I'm not doing that I despise the RRB anyway so this story is gonna be different wi...
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Unwritten. by Anon4Life
Unwritten.by Dacia_Luvs_CullenMen
Bella had fallen apart and put herself back together all by herself. Losing her once child hood best friend without knowing what she even did. Gaining confidence in your...
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7 minutes in heaven in Feudal Japan. (Characters x reader) by steviewolf9
7 minutes in heaven in Feudal Japa...by steviewolf9
This is a collection of one shots about the characters of Inuyasha. Highly sexual. Read at your own risk. If you do not see your favorite character(s), message me who th...
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Anime Lemons by flamequeen332
Anime Lemonsby Bloody Rose
I got bored so here are some lemons. For those perverted minds out their.
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Book Of Yaoi by 69YaoiLord69
Book Of Yaoiby 'єℓℓσ~~ ლ(́◉౪◉‵ლ)
So, this will be my first yaoi Fanfiction book on wattpad~ If it's bad, I'm sorry, I'm a newbie in the writing society~ o(╥﹏╥)o So! I hope it's alright! Warning: Contai...
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FNaF One-shots by Shoutos_Queen
FNaF One-shotsby Yui Hana
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Five nights of Lemons! (X readers) by XOXO-reader14
Five nights of Lemons! (X readers)by Alexandria Moon
Ok I guess its about Time I write my first book... fair warning: Graphic! Smut! ages 15 or younger I suggest leave now but hey.....if you really wanna read, I won't stan...
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Love or Hate: A Naruto Fanfiction Book 1 by Rie_Chihau
Love or Hate: A Naruto Fanfiction...by Rie_Chihau
You wake up after a long, long journey, that you don't remember. You have no idea who you are or who you were before. You are taken in by this old man. Through the year...
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The  Centipede's  Egg by azurepunk98
The Centipede's Eggby azurepunk98
Au. What if when the events that made Kaneki's life spiral out of control Eto had been there watching as it unfolded and how the new one eyed ghoul starts to deal with h...
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