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The Fantastic Duo By The_fantastic_duo Completed

Previously known as "Mental Love." 

17 years old Violet Cavalli considers herself an outcast for lack of better words, but in her defence most of the people who meet her think so, being unfortunately stuck with Asperger's, she was prevented from doing a lot of the things children her age could do in a heart beat, but for the time being going to school was on the top of her to do list and when she's granted her wish, we all know that things can never be simple. 

Ian Wildon is considered the school's outcast, he was literally shunned by the rest of his fellow schoolmates for his lack of anger management and self control, but this never bothered him completely, he liked being isolated, away from any human contact in the company of a pallet, paint and a huge canvas.
What would happen if a person who hates human interaction and a person who lacks the ability to communicate with others cross paths, but as much as its not necessary for them to communicate they both hold a soft spot for one another. 

The road will never be smooth, instead its going to be bumpy and full of obstacles but we should never underestimate the power of love, and how two outcasts fight their way through the tough world in order to pursue their love...

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MeyRinsCousin MeyRinsCousin Nov 19, 2017
It's not a mental illness, just a disorder.... I SHOULD KNOW! :P
EllahX EllahX Jan 24
And? Even if they do know about her condition she is still liable to be bullied....
JusticePHeart JusticePHeart Jul 01, 2016
i swear if i heard some of my friends say this I would run away from them asap...
- - Aug 09, 2016
Lovely beginning and violet's character is amazing!❤❤❤❤❤
- - Aug 09, 2016
This story is interesting me. Wow!! Something very unusual ❤❤
Tezzerax Tezzerax Oct 26, 2016
Aspergers is Not a mental illness. It is considered a developmental disorder.