Love: Fighting Depression(boyxboy)

Love: Fighting Depression(boyxboy)

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This story and it's characters are basically full of my own insecurities and fears, so yeah enjoy. If you start getting anxiety because of it I am so sorry, and know that I am here for you. I understand all the pain of bull crap so many have to deal with, on top of rigorous classes and a mental disorder.

Eden is your typical American teenager... Kind of. His family hates him. He hates him. His old friends hate him. His old boyfriend hates him. Basically everyone he's grown up with in his hometown hates his god damn guts. All because he's gay, stupid right? As always, in almost every single story ever, something happens that will change his life forever... Ohohoh so spooky and mysterious and stuff okay bye end of description of story.

I am currently in the midst of rewriting this story, so go to my profile and check out My Name is Eden(which is the name of the revised version of the book :D)

Naaaaah not kidding if someone touches my personal note book , they die!
How could he do that!!? I'd kill however would even lay a hand n my notebook.
This made me laugh. You said how they couldn't spell it right and then spelled right wrong. You just made my day.
Same tbh my Mum said it was an 'idea' I got from a friend. Said friend was my girlfriend and she was so mad at me. Church is now something that happens twice to three times a week.
I'm straight but if I was bi or a lespian then my parents would disown me
TELL MEEEEEE!!!! *says in creepy stalkerish voice* OMG I NEED TO KNOW