Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out

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Laeti By 3dream_writer3 Updated Apr 06

*spin-off of The Only One and Together, We Rise*

       Jeremy Cosgrove isn't like most teenagers. He's a genius, a musical prodigy, and an art prodigy. However, he also has selective mutism. For years, he has been home-schooled since he finds it hard to speak in crowds. But what happens when his mom can no longer home-school him?

       Now, he's in public school with his siblings. It should be easy for some people if your twin goes to the same school, but not for Jeremy. His twin, Massey, would rather be popular than have her friends know that the new kid is her twin brother, not to mention the school's computer whiz is her younger brother, Tyler. For years, Jeremy thought his twin would have his back. Not this time.

       If you think Luke Cosgrove and Melody Maynard's story was finished, there is still more. Meet their children: Jeremy, Massy, Tyler, Carter, Eric, and Zoey. We got the virtuoso, the athlete, the computer whiz, the swimmer, the prankster, and the adorable little girl who always wants a cupcake.

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rattroh rattroh Feb 23
Noooo they don't get blamed they are firey sassy balls of life
Daddy-Irwin- Daddy-Irwin- Apr 26, 2017
My dad told me I Can't date until I'm married..................🤔🤔🤔
wendlynfae wendlynfae Mar 10, 2017
Wow, that's actually a lower age than Grayson said for orchid (even shes dating a smythe soon)
weird_and_proud_ weird_and_proud_ Dec 03, 2016
Lizzy Greene for Carter and Casey Simpson or Diego Velázquez for Eric?
xoLoveArixo xoLoveArixo Dec 03, 2016
Jade Pettyjohn or Brec Bassigner for Carter...?
                              Ricardo Hurtado for Eric....?
littlemizOk littlemizOk Oct 25, 2016
They don't really look like twins that much, but damn! He's cute