The Perv and The Nerd: Wish Come True

The Perv and The Nerd: Wish Come True

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Melody Jade Winterson
She was always the quiet loner in high school, known by her innocence and brains; she was clearly the school's typical Nerd. Now, she has taken a few steps out of the life of a student and is now a flourishing Epidemiologist.

Christopher Jay Calderson
Or most commonly known as 'Chris', has been the school's biggest playboy and a huge Perv. Now, he's enhanced his skills and become a renowned composer, which has been in demand for a great deal of projects in various industries.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

...The Perv and The Nerd: Wish Come True...

Jade had wished upon a star back then to make her high school life more exciting. Sure, it may have granted her wish, but that yearning gave her an infuriating pervert who keeps using her as a doll to toy with. But steadily, they became great friends who have each other's backs. And then, they developed more...

The two have gone through many ups and downs that fate had played with their emotions from letting them get together. Now, as they finally start their new lives together as a couple, what other obstacles should they encounter in their relationship? Will they break and finish what they dreamed of starting? Or stay strong and face challenges that come their way?

Jade may be too much of an airhead when other guys flirt with her, but her heart was always set on Chris. Because she's oblivious, it stirs up the jealousy in Chris, making his heart problems act up. But Jade is a loyal girlfriend that would never betray him. But she has some difficulties of her own, and is trying to carry all the burdens by herself.

Will they have a happy ending this time?

- - - - - - - - - 
Also, I DO NOT own the cover art, I just searched a specific genre on google & made this the cover for the book & just edited the title & my name on it.
Can't type original art link cuz it exceeds 2000 charcter allowance. But search 'anime girl with glasses & long hair hugging a guy', u'll find it.

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joanpamisa joanpamisa Apr 12
Finally I can read this book 2... I love this story..... Hope I will enjoy enjoy reading the book 2 as I enjoyed the book 1.... I love it...
neverforget_jonghyun neverforget_jonghyun Mar 26, 2016
Why do I feel like they're going to break up at some point…
chaaammeee chaaammeee Oct 22, 2016
Really looking forward to know what other things will happen to this couple ❤❤ Kyaahhh >///<
sugerlove123 sugerlove123 Feb 14, 2016
Um..... I am thinking that this book is going to be good :))
ShidoThao ShidoThao Oct 02, 2016
Wait, what? Jade? Her first name is Melody? What? I'm confused,
SwishMiss SwishMiss Mar 27, 2016
Oh my god I've been waiting for this update for ever!!! I almost cried out of joy when I saw you updated! But please update moreeee