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shoulda - used for "should have" or "should've" in informal speech and in representations of such speech "They shoulda been here by now."&q...
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About (Harry Styles) by emmawrites1D
About (Harry Styles)by Emma
But I know I can't be that for him. Because every time he looks at me, I'm never gonna be home for him. I'll always be someone who reminds him of what he did. And to...
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The cruise  by Chrisyoungx22
The cruise by Christopher Young
When Jake and his Parents Sheila and Wizzer deside to go on a cruise, little did they know about what Jake might do it how he might ruin the family or bring them closer...
  • ageplay
  • teenbaby
  • tbdl
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Cruise by destiel_cumberbitch
Cruiseby Sayu💕🌈🇲🇽
{As always, cover made by @abbyga_y ☺️} *Warning, the book is better than the description* All you could think about was the two amazing weeks you were going to pass on...
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A unique story of lakshmila in which the separated lovers reunite after a lot of struggles. This is the story of a chirpy yet a serious urmi and caring yet a tough laks...
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adventure of the seas ; grayson dolan by -drizzydolan
adventure of the seas ; grayson amber
octavia has big plans for her summer before senior year but all of it is put on hold as she's forced to go on a family vacation. with a promise to live without regrets o...
  • graysondolan
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I Was Made for Loving You by LHStylinson
I Was Made for Loving Youby LHStylinson
"Daddy... Daddy that's Peter Pan." "Nate, love, don't point," Harry said softly, gently pushing his son's hand down and offering the man sitting acro...
  • cruise
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Atlantis: The King's Return by dkcombs
Atlantis: The King's Returnby D.K. Combs
Ambrose. The name is not only feared, but shunned and reviled. He's a monster sentenced to a life of desolation and loneliness, and no one but his tormentor knows his wh...
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The Pastry Chef | ✔ by veronica-h
The Pastry Chef | ✔by Snigdha Phatak
Samuel Keller met her on a four-day cruise. Four days where they dressed up and pretended to be people they weren't. When the cruise came to an end, they promised to mee...
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Adventures Of The Thiccest by masontheshollie
Adventures Of The Thiccestby masontheshollie
When a bomb explodes on their island, a couple of stray animals head out on a fun-filled adventure. During their adventure, they meet many new friends on the way, solve...
  • dogadventure
  • refugee
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Wicked Waves by LovelyDreams2003
Wicked Wavesby Lea
18 year old, Arabella, goes on a cruise for the summer with her family. What was suppose to be a joyful vacation, turns sour when their cruise ship sinks to the bottom o...
  • girlpower
  • water
  • survivalofthefittest
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OVERCOMING by crookedluv
Emerson Davis is smart, comes from a good family and has amazing friends. She looks like she has everything, or so it seems. What people don't know is that her parents a...
  • caring
  • cruise
  • parentproblems
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Rivals On Vacation by Runningpanda25
Rivals On Vacationby xxjeylia_hajixx
"Honey not that".She said quickly dismissing my words."We are GOING TO BALI"She screams. Valeriana mostly known as V or Vale is going on a summer vac...
  • adventure
  • boynextdoor
  • chicklit
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We meet again by GeekGirl_Groovy
We meet againby GeekGirl_Groovy
Tasmin Kelly is like any other Australian girl. Harry Evans is like any other Australian/British boy. Meeting in Primary school, they immediately become friends, but los...
  • teenfiction
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  • harryevans
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The outsiders Prefrences by Rally_Greaser
The outsiders Prefrencesby Raymon Winston
preferences for the outsiders(pretty self explanatory)
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The Vampire & the Mermaid  by MagicForever
The Vampire & the Mermaid by MagicForever
Though he hated the idea, Dracula let himself be dragged onto a cruise vacation with friends and family, certain he'll hate every minute of it. Until the first night whe...
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Bastard:Yoonmin  by athenamonster
Bastard:Yoonmin by Whoop-de-do 💫
"Y-you. .Bastard!? Min Yoongi is a young college student who has a mutual amount of friends,studys and a stress free life or so he thought. What will happen when Yo...
  • kkidnaping
  • cruise
  • seokjin
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One Step At A Time (A Grayson Dolan Fanfiction) by lakestumblrnish
One Step At A Time (A Grayson Malaika King
Meet Makaila. Not much to see, I warn you. Curly brown hair, brown eyes, pretty much introverted. But inside.... That's even worse. At least to her. All she was doin...
  • humor
  • youtube
  • adopted
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Love on Open Waters. A Solby Fanfic by Misticwolf935
Love on Open Waters. A Solby Fanficby Misticwolf935
After finishing one of the most epic tours ever. The roommates are each given 2 tickets for a 2 week cruise. While on said cruise Colby starts to gain affection for his...
  • openwaters
  • love
  • solby
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One... interesting cruise (Hitsukarin) ongoing by JadelynHitsugaya
One... interesting cruise ( Mrs. Tsukishima Kei
HitsuKarin. Fluff, Romance. The Kurosaki family is going on a cruise, only rule. They have to bring a date. Who will the Kurosaki siblings bring? ...
  • ichiruki
  • toshiro
  • karinkurosaki
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