cruise ship ➵ l.h. by firesidecalum
cruise ship ➵ firesidecalum
all it took was his weird lip syncing to a song she loved
  • luke
  • 5sos
  • hemmings
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About (Harry Styles) by emmawrites1D
About (Harry Styles)by Emma
But I know I can't be that for him. Because every time he looks at me, I'm never gonna be home for him. I'll always be someone who reminds him of what he did. And to...
  • fanfic
  • zaynmalik
  • london
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MOM JEANS :: EIGHTIES by -apricotprincess
MOM JEANS :: EIGHTIESby ✳︎ toni ✳︎
eighties imagines and preferences death cup - mom jeans
  • howell
  • cruise
  • astin
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Stranded »» Kim Taehyung ✕ Reader  by -jhoseoks-
Stranded »» Kim Taehyung ✕ Reader by バレリーキム
I was walking around the island until I trip over something and fall on the sand. "Not again.." I said as I stood up When I look down I screeched. "Geez...
  • isolated
  • island
  • tae
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          CORDELIA ʳᵒˡᵉᵖˡᵃʸ by prayinq
CORDELIA ʳᵒˡᵉᵖˡᵃʸby           [ 𝖓 ] 
  • roleplay
  • murder
  • mystery
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Princess by rose-elle
Princessby Hakuna Matata
Once upon a time, In land far far away (lol Australia), There lived a boy And a girl. Her name was Eleanor Bridges, His was Damien Clarke. And, For petty reasons, T...
  • highschool
  • princess
  • bestfriends
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VACATION by ertyui345678
VACATIONby ertyui345678
Kalani goes on a vacation in the Caribbean where she meets Shawn. They right away become friends and the trip over Christmas and New Years that Kalani thought would be b...
  • magcon
  • jackgilinsky
  • shawnmendes
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Trapped 2#: The Money Massacre (bxb) (COMPLETED) by Cookieghost12
Trapped 2#: The Money Massacre (
BOOK 2 Amir didn't want to go on his families "Deluxe Getaway Cruise", but things happened and he was eventually grounded and forced to go. But thats only whe...
  • dark
  • roulette
  • demon
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GYPSY by Calculus100
GYPSYby ~Opel~
"Unhand me now you brute!, how dare you manhandle a lady. Do you know who I'm?". I screamed, scratched at his arms, stepped on his foot but this Italian god wa...
  • jeolousy
  • italian
  • marriage
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Cruisin'//EXO AF by LovelyPabo
Cruisin'//EXO AFby Yoongles Baboongles
"SM Cruises are proud to announce that they will begin a new service this passing summer!" Nine girls all go on an SM cruise, not knowing that they had acciden...
  • activity-based
  • fanfiction
  • exo
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The cruise  by Chrisyoungx22
The cruise by Christopher Young
When Jake and his Parents Sheila and Wizzer deside to go on a cruise, little did they know about what Jake might do it how he might ruin the family or bring them closer...
  • cruise
  • ageplay
  • tbdl
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The Vampire & the Mermaid  by MagicForever
The Vampire & the Mermaid by MagicForever
Though he hated the idea, Dracula let himself be dragged onto a cruise vacation with friends and family, certain he'll hate every minute of it. Until the first night whe...
  • loveatfirstsight
  • monsterxhumanlove
  • hoteltransylvania3
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Dil Dhadakne Do.....Keeksh by YamiYami57
Dil Dhadakne Do.....Keekshby RagSan lover
Keerti and Naksh...two people who have been unlucky in love decide to give marriage another shot. Their whole extended family decide to go on a cruise celebrating Manish...
  • keerti
  • romantic
  • wattys2018
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Summer Cruise by nj_rose26
Summer Cruiseby nj_rose26
NJ, Mea, Aly, and Cole go on a Cruise Vacation. They make friends, enemies, and see familiar faces.
  • teens
  • vacay
  • dreams
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The outsiders Prefrences by Rally_Greaser
The outsiders Prefrencesby Rally_Greaser
preferences for the outsiders(pretty self explanatory)
  • johnny
  • oklahoma
  • darry
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High Tide • Low Rise by kvnzie_
High Tide • Low Riseby kenz 🍃
When a group of freshly graduated 15 year olds go on a cruise, what happens that will end of changing their life forever.
  • death
  • friends
  • party
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Lost At Sea(BWWM) by Lil_Brows_
Lost At Sea(BWWM)by Jemimah Doyle
Four teens,three months ,two tanks ,one raft.LOST AT SEA!!!
  • romance
  • teen
  • bwwm
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My Crazy Summer by cockadoodledee
My Crazy Summerby cockadoodledee
When summer break begins, Liza thinks she's got it made. Two great best friends whom she just planned a camping trip with, a sweet job at Cool Cones Ice Cream Shoppe, an...
  • vacation
  • summer
  • teenromance
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He fell for me? by ancara48
He fell for me?by ancara48
Shit I'm starting to get worried where is she? Looking around I notice only a few people are left also waiting for their rides. "What's the matter, sad that your fr...
  • drama
  • lovers
  • dramaromance
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A Thousand Miles For You  by thatnerdkenz
A Thousand Miles For You by
From the point of views of Jackson Cody Martin and Margaret May LeeAnn love is difficult after they meet on a cruise. Jackson living on an American base in Germany and M...
  • foryou
  • realisticfiction
  • funny
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