Christmas Re-Do

Christmas Re-Do

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*Short Christmas story to The Only One and Together, We Rise*

Twenty-one year old Luke Cosgrove thought his life was going well. He got married to his high-school sweetheart Melody and now has three kids. But when an argument on the night of Christmas Eve occurs, he makes a wish that could change everything.

       He wishes he never met Melody.

       And what do you know? He gets his wish.

       Luke wakes up in his old house, finding out he is back to seventeen years old. To make things worse, he has to go to school and relive the moment where the whole school turned on him, except Melody. What shocks him is that it never happened. Everything that happened to him at seventeen is not happening, but the opposite is.

       It doesn't take long for Luke to want his old life back. And the only way to do that is to try making the events that lead to it happen, even if it seems impossible.

       But hey. All he needs is a Christmas miracle.

Like stated above, this is a short story to The Only One and Together, We Rise. You don't have to read those two books to understand this one, though spoilers are included.

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