The Only One

The Only One

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*cover by nlori1234*

       Basketball at Lakemoat High has always been one of the biggest deals ever. If a player on the basketball team causes the lost of the game, they're out for three games. But what if they miss the final shot during the championship that could send their team to the National Basketball Tournament in Miami? 

       Luke Cosgrove was the all-star of the basketball team until he missed that final shot. Now, he's off the team and everyone hates him. Everyone but Melody. 

       Melody Maynard has had a traumatic experience with basketball and can't stand the sport. What she loves is art. And now, Melody is the only person willing to talk to Luke. Will they be able to find their feelings for each other and will they be able to make it through, or is Luke's past with his family going to get in the way?

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  • basketball
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                              Now Lukey the jock is going to be a nobody.
                              Why would you flirt while your boyfriend is like right there?
                              Hell, why would you flirt if you HAVE a boyfriend!!?
AsapBai AsapBai Jan 16, 2017
Okay, i came here only because the girl's name is Maynard. #mjk for lyf
xTheStitchLoverx xTheStitchLoverx May 02, 2016
I don't know if to feel sad for u to be left out or jealous bcuz my coach always pays attention and makes me play
ChizzleWizzle ChizzleWizzle Aug 28, 2016
Ugh, I would love to be you! I hate sports and I don't want to play it (that's why my classmates don't pick me) but then my coach nottices and force me to play sports 😑 but anyways even if I hardly do anything, i still get 90% 😏
bluerocklyrics bluerocklyrics Apr 24, 2016
I love this book already.  If I could I'd TOTALLY make this a movie.